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Coastal Cargo Carrier or Japanese 'Steel Truck' by Story - PLASTIC - scale 1/100th - 1931-1951

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Built up from scrap laying around, probably wind up in someone's 15mm WWII Pacific Wargaming collection.
Started this back in June, slowing wrapping it up.
These are the 'inner hulls' of those Robert E Lee riverboat steamer kits I mentioned, each about 13" long. Tell me the lines don't look oddly familiar and at 15mm scale, are right about in the neighborhood of a Steel Truck.
For what it's worth, I'd originally been thinking of something like this - British steel coastal freight KYLERONA (1908)

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Finally got around at the end of October to the irritating task of mating the deck (1/24th scale tractor trailer siding material) to the hull, fixing the mainmast and framing out the deckhouse.
1/24th scale tractor trailer sidewalls being cannibalized.
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Pardon all the shadows, this was a hip-shoot pic.
Slow going of late, as I spend more time staring at references and then the parts box and then the model (rinse/lather/repeat). I might just 'cheat' with the cargo deck hatches and make some trapaulin'd "close enough" squares (remembering, the end state is for wargaming so build durability is a consideration).
Logically, I knew at least one ship's boat and the davits need to be on the fantail, along with some railings. There doesn't seem to be any stacks on the 'steel trucks' (unless someone can point out what I'm missing), but there'll need to be ventilators and gangways between the decks. Probably a tarpaulin rigged on the rear of wheelhouse deck.
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Wasn't thrilled with the proportions of the original mast and boom, tore that out and replaced with one about 80%.
Most of the upper wheelhouse was taken from a 1:130th SHELL WELDER kit.
Bow plating taken from the 1:72nd Revell Tugboat kit.
Priming starts.
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