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Bluenose II bow planking issue - advice requested

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I'm new at this game and have encountered a problem that I'd like to correct in a sensible manner (i.e. I don't want to damage what I've done!).


When I planked the Bluenose bow I allowed the strips to overlap the false keel. I need to clear that space so that the stem, under-stem, and keel can be fixed to the false keel.


In the photo below I've drawn yellow lines to indicate the line of the false keel. 




I can file or sand away the planks (easy), or I can try to cut them (seems tricky).  I can't really visualize which will look  ok once the keel pieces are attached.  


I was considering painting the hull rather than second planking it.  I suppose I can use filler to try to fix things but I'd prefer not to have to do too much of that.






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Your fix looks very good. If you are concerned about the rabbet, then you can glue a thin strip to the outsides of the keel  after you mount it and after that a thin strip to the bottom, a false keel. Since the planking will tuck under the sides of the thin strip attached to the keel, this will give you a real rabbet although it is simulated.


I hope this helps.

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