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MS Axeldijk by amateur - FINISHED - CARD - 1:250

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Not a log, but to show I did some modelling these last weeks...
This guy is sitting on one of my shelves for ages (not as long as my others, but still....)
So I decided to give him a kind of boost this week.
Modelling at the dinigroom table has it advantages when it is cold upstairs :)

The model is made by Scaldis, a dutch company. She shows MS Axeldijk, one of the ships of the HAL shortly after the war (she is a coverted victory ship, as you will probably see)

All in all the model is around 55 centimeters, still workable, but small enough to drive me mad with the tiny pieces of paper. No scale 1:500 PE models for me ;)

And no, I don't know why my iPad turned some of my pictures 45 degrees ....







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Fun, the end of the booms, yellow disk of around 1.5mm diameter. Don't even think of breathing while you try to pickthese up.
Fun: the designer made a mistake: heprinted 12 booms, while there should be 14 of them.
A well, what would a kit be without small problems?



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  • 11 months later...

Did some work today. 

Unfortunatedly, during our mobe last summer, the aft crane had a severe blow, resulting in a backward tilt. I got it almost vertical again, but not entirely :(


did the rigging of the cranes (the basic version :) next will be the tedios work of railing. I have a laser cut general railing set, i could alos go for self-maed, or the ugly kitprovided version (just railing rpinted on white cardboard.) I guess it will be the laser-cut version. IMG_0285.thumb.JPG.6be0726d9a663450a48d39d311016a41.JPG

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Over the last two hours my admiration for those guys building PE-guns for their plastic models at scale 1:350 increased tremendously.

in stead of using the printed railings I bought myself a set of laser cutted standardrailings (paper). After two hours of fiddling around, it looks quite OK, but my eyes hurt......and this isn't small, standchions are 6mm apart, so handling isn't that difficult. Besides, it is just paper, so it can be glued easily, withtout any risk for fingers.


but, it is worth the effort.



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Almost there..... today I did the remainder with f the railings.

the stern is a bit of a problem: the railing should slope upward, outward, and curve. Can't be done with a straight cardboard one.  Especially while the deck is a bit skewed.... after some nasty words, I am notIMG_0291.thumb.JPG.dfec1501cf40c094ffb2daf77058ef70.JPG to displeased with the result (considering it a first...:) ) I also included a steip arou d the deck, and some pillars below the extended decks (as in many pics of the original ships these show up)


the railngs onthe cranes needed some colour, I used watercolours. Easy tomix, but a bit hard on the card...



I decided to leave out the railings to the stairs: they are not included in my lasercut set, and experiments to do them out of card are not fit to be shown (wrong thickness, wrong colour

and far to irregular.



IMG_0295.thumb.JPG.013774168e31f9506618491e33772c15.JPGNow the antennae and the flagpoles remain. Almost there....:)

(Would be a first model completed in ages)



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Last night I did the last 'rigging'.

As I did not make any eyebolts in the railing, tensioning up was a bit of a problem. Next time, i may try to rig using copperwire, as that does not hase any fuzziness, and is a bit more straight.


the antennae are doen with a elastictype or line (EZ-line) easy to work with, but.... the tension was justenoughto slacken the rigging of the cranes. Lessonlearned for the next time. And I need tofind a provider of some decent ca glue. My local shop has only small tubes of rather licquid, but relatively slow setting CA. Besides: after opening, the tube can not be reclosed properly, so each time Ineed CA, Ihave to revisit the shop. Rather annoying....




I did some lousy pics using my cell-phone (camera battery was flat, should redo them ona sunny day, as these pics do not exactly flatter themodel :) ) IMG_0307.thumb.JPG.fa3ed6b0c74a1c02c9d30500e1e6378a.JPGIMG_0308.thumb.JPG.b8f71576ccfd4ab9edd78bd241f845b8.JPGIMG_0309.thumb.JPG.ee8c91091669c06b23bec29c414fea69.JPG

For now this log that is not a log willbe closed, asthe model is finished (actually a bit proud: this thing is the first build in over a decade that reaches the end :) )


I have two card-models more or less going, but Iwill start a third, as that seems to be the easiest one: again a1:250, issuedby Scaldis (and designed by JSC). lLight cruiser De Ruyter (1936).












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Looks great, Jan.  Those last three pictures, to my eye, have a nice mood that's almost like being in port at sundown.

"The shipwright is slow, but the wood is patient." - me

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Congrets Jan. That's a beautiful model, nicely done. I love that sky in your pictures, painterly.

I'm looking forward to your "de Ruyter" build. Will you depict her pre WW Ii or during one of her actions against the JIN?



Piet, The Flying Dutchman.


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