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Sternwheeler "Zulu"

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This is from "Steamboat Museum" website:  "A prototype of iron-hulled boats built on the Clyde by R. Duncan and Company of Port Glasgow and Dennys of Dunbarton in England. After completion of the hull and machinery, they were disassembled, crated up in sections and shipped to their operating areas in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America for re-assembly by bolting together the hull plates and installing the machinery. The cabins and superstructure were then built according to the needs of the operators. Some were located in Burma and India being operated by the Irrawaddi Flotation Company in the early 1900's; at least one was running on the Amazon River in Peru as recently as 1985."


I've always thought the ZULU was an interesting boat.  I'll be watching for your build log.



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It's another riverboat log - I am on board. 

The ZULU was a cover on an old Model Boats - the R/C magazine from GB - and a how to.  I have it in my files and will be digging it out.  If this is the same ZULU, it had two wheels at the stern that could be reversed independently for very responsive steering.  I have a set of R/C sidewheels I intended to use on a model of this boat - but I think I am done with R/C - but as a static model I am very interested in this build.


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Not necessarily so Ken, for me at least, once I have conceptualised what it is I need to make, I find  it is far easier in the workshed.  Using your virtual creations you can experiment with copies of each piece and break them into manageable parts.  I am in the very early stages of learning 3D just for this very purpose.


Nice work on the virtual modelling; look forward to seeing it all come together.





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That is about it for this thread. I have added a few minor details (bollards, fairleads etc.) but they make little difference to the pictures. Next job is to make up the bill of materials, think about tooling, order up, and get started in the spring. Any further questions I am happy to answer or other views requested. Otherwise look out for the real-life build log around April. Not sure where I am going to put the log- scratch certainly- but POF or POB? It is neither!

In the meantime I have the time to tackle another 3D CAD project, the problem is which- suggestions please?

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