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HMS Victory by Bishophobbies - Heller/Imai - Scale 1:100 - As she appeared at Trafalgar - FINISHED

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  • 2 weeks later...

Here is an update on my Victory build.  I've finished the ratlines on the mainmast and over half of the foremast.  I've added the foremast lower stays and the bowsprit. I've made a very nice ratline jig (a modified version that I read about on this site), this has really worked well.  It is composed of 3x6 mm Evergreen with fine sandpaper superglued on the 3mm side.  The brass connectors at each end allow much easier placement than using clamps as described in the post on this site.  I use the digital level to check the ratlines.


The second section of the bowsprit is made of a solid brass rod, the third and outermost bowsprit section is made of a bamboo shiskabob stick that was sanded down by chucking in an electric drill.  The original parts of the bowsprit, being made of plastic were much too flexible and would have posed problems when rigging.









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  • 4 months later...

No one ever commented on my posts, so I stopped posting here.  Well - in 6 months still no one has commented on my post - maybe there is a bias here against plastic models.  I've been posting elsewhere where I've gotten a lot of notice.  I have finished the ship (except for the gun ports and rope coils to go over the belaying pins) and here are the final pictures.












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First I seen your log turned out great I really like the sails ,if you post more often the processes you use and give a little to the forum you will get more responses in the comments I don't think it's a bias against plastic I'm not a fan of plastic myself but do enjoy seeing the process and I I'm in awe with the reselts that yourself and others can achieve 



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It is true that there is a bit of a wood bias on this forum, but that's not by design. We encourage modeling in just about any medium, and by posting here you help diversify the content. Refusing to post because of a perception that 'no one notices' plastic models only helps to reinforce that perception.



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As I am "building a piece of plastic" too, I never had that impression. 


Even more so, my "piece of plastic***" is the fourth most viewed build log on the board, only being surpassed by Dan´s Vulture, Ed´s Young American and B.E.´s Pegasus, what an honor!


But one has to have a bit of patience and keep on waving the flag, I unfortunately never realised this build being shown here. Same happens to me, sometimes little or no response, but this happens too if one builds scratch and in wood I believe :-)


I even would wish for more pictures! 


All the best, Daniel


*** that is how my wife calls it ...

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Sorry I didn't find your post until now. Your model looks magnificent. And by the way, I LOVE plastic models. Have been building them myself for more than 50 years, so if there is any bias, mine is toward plastic models and certainly not against them.

I hope you won't be discouraged to continue placing your build threads here. I will follow them when I see them.



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Thank you for all of the very kind responses, and please excuse my remarks - just little frustrated.  In leu of reposting perhaps I can steer everyone to my website that has the complete build log.  I'm not long winded, but I've described many of the processes I used.  There are three pages on my website dealing with this build:


Page 1 



Page 2



Page 3


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Been having a look at your website extremely nice build and as I mentioned I'm not a fan of plastic only because I'd be rubbish at building with it but am fascinated with what you have done very nice job indeed,have you started your Phoenix or hms surprise yet ? would love to follow your work if and when you do 


kind regards



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In fact I have the kit!  I purchased it a few months ago as you can see from the pic.  It would be great to build together.  Have you one on the shelf?   I have built one other wood ship model - the Model Shipways Rattlesnake which it finished in 1985.  That took me 9 years to build - I built it at work during my lunch time.  It is a solid wood hull, so the Surprise will be new ground for me.


I'm kinda burned out right now, and I still have to do the gun ports and rope coils for the Victory, but it really looks grand in the case - see pic.


I could conceivably start this in about 2 or 3 months from now, but your offer is definitely an incentive to start!!








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Today I finished adding the gun port ropes and then did some final touch up painting and straightening up a few things. Then a shot a final coat of Testors flat to kill any gloss spots from the CA glue. I can't think of anything else to do. The gun port ropes were the thinnest thread I had soaked in GAC-400 texile stiffener then cut to 8 mm lengths. That fit about 95% of the gun ports – the rest I trimmed down with scissors. They were glued with a little CA on each end then added with tweezers. It really didn't take too long. Eight months and seven days ago (about 247 days give or take) since I made the mad decision finish this thing. That's roughly 600 hours. It's been a long haul, but actually very comforting. My wife passed away 11 months ago and it was very nice to have something to really occupy my mind during the many long hours. I'm going to take a break (good timing since I have a lot of my kids here to visit) and think about what I want to start next.

And here are the final pictures….. 











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I would like to thank everyone that viewed and commented on my build.  When you are involved in such a tedious hobby, any and all support is much appreciated.  I also appreciate criticism that provides me information to improve my skills and model building.


I have now embarked on another build - the Brigantine Phoenix by Master Korabel in 1:72 scale.

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  • 2 years later...


Have just viewed your finished model= well done, a beautiful finish that could well influence my next build.

I have recently completed 'Dapper Tom' brig wood plank on frame but built Constitution plastic before that.  I have thought the plastic kit of Victory with amendments (as in your) - replacement wooden masts, etc, etc, would make for a satisfying finish.  Your outcome convinces me.      

Kind regards

Alan Jarvis-Grimwood


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