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USS Syren by Hipexec - Model Shipways - 1:64 - building as USS Argus

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On 7/3/2019 at 8:44 PM, EdatWycliffe said:

Thanks Nice work, Rich, and Inspirational. I’m taking July off from the build to do research with respect to proper furling and rigging. I enjoy that part of the hobby almost as much as the build. Ed

Thanks! Good luck...I like rigging much less than the woodworking.

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Hello Rich


I'm just starting my Syren while I finish rigging my Charles W Morgan and looking for a log to follow where the build is in progress I found yours and will follow. I'll read your entire log to catch up, but it looks great with the woods you've selected. I'm starting from the beginning tonight. I'll start my first log tomorrow with the Syren.



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I came down to my shipyard to work when I found my ship had de-masted itself over night? I must have ghosts in my shipyard. Now I have to fix both. I'll have to pin both masts but there is precious little wood to insert pins. Oh well...ship building is always a challenge.  :piratetongueor4:

demasted 001.JPG

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6 hours ago, EdatWycliffe said:

Very nice the deadeyes look perfectly even. What procedure did you use? I usually hang the top deadeye evenly first. Ed

Ed, I make a jig out of a paperclip the exact size I want the deadeye. This way they are all the same size.

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The only rule I have when it comes to model building, is what ever makes the job easier, faster and safer is my moto or creed :) I thoroughly believe in artist license or builders choice hahahaha. I have taken a belt sander to a ships hull when I could find someone to hold it.

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