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New from West Texas


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Greetings Everyone,


My name is Jesse.  I am not completely new to model shipbuilding.  As a matter of fact, one of my fondest memories is building a plastic model of some Spanish galleon with my dad when I was 5 years old.  he did most of the work of course, but I loved it.  From then on I built a lot of different models of varying size and difficulty including a building a large plastic model of the Cutty Sark with my mom   Well, life happened and I joined the United States Navy and served aboard a nuclear ballistic missile submarine.  After I got out and was attending school at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, my wife bought me a POB kit of the Thermopylae.  I had never built a wood ship model before.  I had built a few wooden airplanes from scratch, but that's about it.  Of course 25 years ago, the internet was in it's infancy, so I didn't have this kind of resource.  Consequently I made a lot of mistakes, however I loved it.  Once again, life happened and I got a job and kids and my free time was at a premium.  The kids are grown now and I have a new job and recently visited Amsterdam for work.  I had a little free time, so I went to the art museum to take in a little dutch culture.  One room of the museum was dedicated to model ships.  I spent the rest of the day in there marveling at the skill and artistry.  Anyway I was hooked again.  I came back home and started searching for information of model building and stumbled across this wonderful site and started lurking.  I've read a lot of posts and build logs and I am preparing to jump into my own scratch build.  Since I have never built from scratch, I am going to follow the Bodnar practicum on the Brig Eagle.  I am looking forward to it and following the advice and experience that this site overflows with.

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Welcome aboard Jesse,


The Rijksmuseum indeed have some great models in that room.

Have you also seen the models of the 'William Rex' and the 'Prins Willem?


Once you gat started with your brig Eagle, feel free to start a buildlog.

If needed you'll find plenty of help and advise and everyone will answer any questions you might have on your build.


Enjoy your stay here and I wish you smooth sailing and happy modelling.




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