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Single frame construction

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Does  Anyone Know?


I am interested in any examples which fellow modellers may have come across,  where a Royal Navy warship of the 18th century was constructed entirely of single frames ie with no paired frames (bends)


All frames would have been like filling frames in normal warship construction,  with alternating floors and first futtocks.


I would like to know how common was this form of construction.


Any help would be much appreciated.


All the best,


Mark P

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Interesting question, Mark. Certainly smaller British vessels such as cutters were 'single' framed, but warships (I assume you mean rated vessels) were a different matter. I've seen framing plans where the 'doubles' were only contiguous at the floors. Ardent, 1782 appears to be an example. There are air spaces above this level to the top of the framing. Whether this would qualify by your definition, I cannot say.

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