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Amati America's Cup Endeavour 1934 1:35 - Bulkheads and Keel Sheets and Bow Deck

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I purchased this partial kit for all the hand tools that were included in the auction.  I'm happy. 


I'm starting Spring Cleaning early and I need to sell the two sheets of plywood that contain the false keel and bulkheads and one sheet of the bow deck.  From these parts, you can build just the hull, or you can purchase the plans from Cornwall at this link here and do a semi-scratch build. 


There's a few small parts that I will also add in.


Due to the size of the package (36" x 14" x 2"), shipping only to lower 48. 


Asking $60 + $10 shipping


Payment via Paypal


Please send me a PM if interested


Thank You










Current Build

 - Glad Tidings -MS  

Completed Builds

 - Dragon - Corel - One design International Class Yacht

 - Sloup Coquillier / Shell Fish Sloop - Corel - Based on 'Bergere de Domremy / Shepherdess from Domremy

 - Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack - Scratch build based on drawings from Chapelle's book "American Small Sailing Craft" 

On the Shelf

 - Gretel-Mamoli     - Emma C. Berry-MS    - Chesapeake Bay Pilot Boat, Semi-scratch 



Find yourself hoping you never reach your destination


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