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HMS Pegasus by paul carruthers - Victory Models - Scale 1:64

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Hello Paul Carruthers,


god luck with your build and enjoy it.


Some years ago I also have modeled this kit. And I must say that it had been a long and very good time to model Pegasus. And if there are question in details its best to look into blue ensigns  build log. It's absolutely perfect.


Cheers Angarfather

Edited by Angarfather

on the : Staatenjacht Utrech


At last finished:

Gianna a Pinco Genovese

HMS Agamemnon

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Looks good, those stern extensions caught me until it was pointed out to me. Luckily I only used white glue and ca glue to attach them(real easy to get off :angry:  ;) ). Look forward to seeing more, supports for that plywood decking is a real good idea.

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The ply so far is good,

I used the rear deck ply to align the stern extensions.

The mdf is also very easy to work.

Commenced planking of the deck, still to scrape and tidy up


My first model was Cruiser by Caldercraft, a bigger model, I hope I can get my hands in to Pegasus as it gets more complex.


Is there a good source for strip wood in the UK?




Edited by paul carruthers
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the tops of bulkheads 5, 6, and 7 are removed after the plywood side pieces  are installed and first planking is finished. You may want to remove the planking around these bulkhead tops now and finish it after these bulkhead tops are cut off. Other than that it looks good

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First wet lay up, considering relief cuts where marked as no matter how much you soak, the fibre lay up in ply is always going to distort rather than follow form, anybody tried this?


Oh and Poundland sells clamps, cheapest set I've seen anywhere.


Edited by paul carruthers
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Nice work Paul, and welcome to the Swan Class brotherhood :)  The Pegasus is a really wonderful kit as I'm sure you're finding.  BE's log is the gold standard that we all follow.


For my gunport patterns, I soaked and pinned only twice.  I found that it reverted a lot after the first soaking.  The key is just to relax the fibers and make sure that everything lines up properly.  Spy has some really good notes and suggestions on placement - particularly regarding the jigsaw connection.  I forget if it's forward or behind where the kit diagrams show it.  Don't worry too because you can sand back the ply, and since the hull is double planked, you can use filler, etc.  It's a pain, but not too bad in the end (the patterns do make things easier than had the kit required you to actually frame the bulwarks, which is what I'm going through on my Morgan).  Just take your time and you'll be fine.



Current Wooden builds:  Amati/Victory Pegasus  MS Charles W. Morgan  Euromodel La Renommèe  


Plastic builds:    SB2U-1 Vindicator 1/48  Five Star Yaeyama 1/700  Pit Road Asashio and Akashi 1/700 diorama  Walrus 1/48 and Albatross 1/700  Special Hobby Buffalo 1/32


Completed builds :  Caldercraft Brig Badger   Amati Hannah - Ship in Bottle  Pit Road Hatsuzakura 1/700   Hasegawa Shimakaze 1:350

F4B-4 and P-6E 1/72  Accurate Miniatures F3F-1/F3F-2 1/48  Tamiya F4F-4 Wildcat built as FM-1 1/48  Special Hobby Buffalo 1/48

Citroen 2CV 1/24 - Airfix and Tamiya  Entex Morgan 3-wheeler 1/16


Terminated build:  HMS Lyme (based on Corel Unicorn)  


On the shelf:  Euromodel Friedrich Wilhelm zu Pferde; Caldercraft Victory; too many plastic ship, plane and car kits


Future potential scratch builds:  HMS Lyme (from NMM plans); Le Gros Ventre (from Ancre monographs), Dutch ship from Ab Hoving book, HMS Sussex from McCardle book, Philadelphia gunboat (Smithsonian plans)

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Hi Paul - I just noticed this Pegasus build log of yours.  You're just a bit ahead of my Fly build, so maybe if I 'follow' you I'll avoid some pitfalls!

D'you mind if I find a corner in your workshop and watch how you progress?


Apologies everyone - I’ve accepted that I’m OLD.  I’ve put down my tools and immersed myself in  activities that don’t require me to work in a cold, outdoor workshop!   I now do other things, but I do still look in to MSW.  And sometimes I comment!  When I die, I’ll let you all know!

Abandoned build: - Occre's "Spirit of Mississippi" riverboat.

Previous builds - La Petite Nella (aka AL's Mare Nostrum);  Anastasia (1:12 scratch-built sailing kayak);  USS Enterprise (Constructo);  Half Moon (Corel);  Lt Bligh's Bounty Launch (Model Shipways); Silhouet (1893 Dutch Barge)(Constructo)Mephisto (aka Constructo's 'Le Camaret' lobster boat)

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