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HMS Pegasus by paul carruthers - Victory Models - Scale 1:64

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Rear Bulwark = hummm. Comparing to my set of plans to my eye you have got the decoration bands height a bit high at the end and a tad wide -  seems to be a teeny swerve in the sweep.


But your decoration looks really good to me overall - I am impressed.


But before you go any further - do offer up the stern windows  and the side windows - it is far more important that these match. 

The decoration is interrupted anyway - I would be very reluctant to go with raised sides just on the decor ground unless these matched the window bits.

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Definitely not wide as the strips sit right on the photoetch high points

I looked a Blue Ensigns build, if you look at page 2 mine looked like his with the top red border not parallel, so I measured from the plans and added a splice to make it 4mm as per the drwg and as his page 3. I have checked that all the windows side and rear fit as per his build.

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Well BE s build is always an excellent guide But  to me his bulwarks sit spot on at the top of the bulkhead without additions. 

All I am saying is that I wouldnt move or add to significant bits of the your structure (which seems exactly right so far) to match what is a fanciful decoration. 

The important measurement here is from the  top of the stern windows - set juuust below deck level - which fixes where the stern fascia 114 comes to meet the bulwarks - you dont want to be out of alignment there.

But you are the captain of your own vessel  and she is coming along very nicely !

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