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HMS Juno by PeteW - Langton Miniatures - 1:300 - PLASTIC - Resin, White Metal and Etched Brass

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Having looked at card options and wooden kits I've reverted to what I know. A Resin and etched brass kit.


The aim of this project is two fold.


1. To gain a greater understanding of the ships, their rigging, and the myriad of terms etc from the Napoleonic period.

2. For the completed model to be used as a maquette for a painting.


As a consequence at this stage I have to be honest and concede the wooden and card options are major projects that won't see me painting anything soon, whereas the 1:300 scale kit is almost perfect in this regard.


Looking around Langton seem to be the only quality game in town at the moment and while not cheap I would happliy state, having just opened the box that the kit does look to be good value.


The contents of the kit, plus two jolly boats and two packets of crew members.


Should keep me out of trouble for a while




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Greg - http://www.rodlangton.com/  They mainly do 1:1200, but the 1:300 line is pretty nice.


Anyways to relieve a little of the boredom of filing masts I'm also try to judge the waterline on model.


Here I have overlayed the model on a copy of the plans for HMS Cleopatra (Amazon Class 1779-87) and marked where I think the WL should be. Anybody strongly disagree with its placement ?






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There is some progress as well as a lot of research going on.




The resin hull cleaned up and primed, this is just under 15cm long




Looking down to into the hull, and I've painted a little black in the hatches to give depth when the grates are added




With the waist and skid beams dry fitted. Bit of gap there to be tackled later on.




The PE fret and masts in process of being prepared.


and just for fun another project on the go - 1/700 Hobbyboss DDG.






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I've got a little side tracked into seeing how hard it might be scratch build one of these, and so working with a set of plans for HMS Enterprise (1774) scaled to 1/300 I've produced the deck layers.






From here I will fill the lower body with milliput and shape the profile, before laminating on the planking, gunwales etc. That's the plan anyways !



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