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Nuestra Señora del Pilar by Anja & Sjors - OcCre - Scale 1:46

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Hello all,


For the newcomers, a warm welcome to my buildlog.

Thank you for stopping by and the compliments.  It is appreciated.


@ Popeye,

Yes Denis, I know you use the archive pen as well. I have that idea from you and it works great.  Thanks for the tip.


@ Ulises

If you can get the Lego blocks, they will be a great help for little money.


It is again high time for an update.  She is by far not seaworthy, but this is how she is right now.








Work done:

- Deck caulking (a bundle of 10 planks at a time)

- Reinforcing pieces glued onto the last frame

- Gun carriages painted (red Ochre from Admiralty paints)) and put a layer of surface primer on the canons (Negro black from Vallejo)

- Interior quarter deck bulwarks, forecastle bulwarks and interior hold bulwarks painted (red Ochre from Admiralty paints)

- Cut out parts the crossbeams that remain exposed over the holds










To be continued .....


Thank you all for watching and enjoy.




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Yep, I'm not Anja.

She is to busy with other hobby's that she stopped building.

She ask me if I want to finish the lady so why not.

I have all ready 2 other builds ,why not 3 ?

Just like Popeye :)

So I will continue this one also.


Then a little update.

Just finish de hull planking.

A few other things and I'll be putting Tung oil on her.








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Hi Sjors..... Im still hanging in here, just lost  enthusiasm for building  right now, hopefully I'll get back into the groove shortly.

So you are the lone Capt. now..... that's good.... your work is looking real good. I'llm try to sneak in once ion awhile to see how your progress is coming along.

Give my best to Anja OK? Talk to you later.



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Thanks Mark,


I know that the bow is not the easy thing but overall it looks if she was on the bottom of the sea, pulling up the service and covert with mud.

It really looks ........ugly!

And to dark and to much traces of glue

I’m gonna change it in the future.

How longer i look at it ,how more i hate it what i have done.

This is not what i normal   do..........






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On 2/27/2017 at 12:05 PM, Anja said:

Planked the forecastle deck.  In contrast to the waist deck, I decided to simulate caulking.

For this I used India ink fro Faber-Castell (PITT artist pen, black 199 ***).


It is a bit getting used to, because the planks are so thin. But it looks better with than without the caulking.

    I am of the opinion that regardless of the scale involved, without an indication of caulking and the varied grain pattern of individual planks, the decks appear to be made from a large sheets of plywood.:angry:  Hardly the impression we are trying to convey to the observer and nowhere near historically accurate.


    There appears to be a strong indication here and in very many other MSW builds, that LEGOS seem to be an internationally recognized product for clamping frames square!:rolleyes:


    Looks like you were making a fast start on your model.  Have you made any progress since these postings as I noticed the latest being from Feb. 2017?  Hopefully there's no health or other kinds of setbacks as you were previously very prolific in your postings.

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Hi Dave,


I think you missed a lot !

There are 2 pages and I have take over the build from Anja ( My wife )

On the 26 of July 2018 I have make the first post. ( post nr 42 )

There is nothing serious with Anja only that she has to much to do with other hobby's and ask me if I want to finish the build.




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I have wipe off the dust from this build log.

I have done something....

I see that I have to do a lot of touching up of the paint.

I will do that when I know that I don't have to touch it anymore.

I have make the stern...galleries.....little deck .....and on the bow a few things.

The Manuel is terrible and also the measurements.

I think that they use the moldings to many times.

There is really nothing that fits anymore.

Also you have to look by your self where some things has to go.

And I missing some things ,for example the gun carriers .

They have no rounding in the bottom to lay the axels.

I just have to glue them at the bottom!

Very strange.

This will be the last OcCre build that I will do.

I 'll be missing  the Caldecraft.

Enough complaining and time for pictures.







little deck.jpg


Stern 2.jpg




Bow railing.jpg

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I know Mark....and thanks for the welcome😊


I’ll be doing a lot different like the colors and the parts on the construction on the bow with that brass metal.

I don’t do thst...just keep them black.

Your buildlog is for me my guide.

If it was not then i think the model goes to the trashcan.

I can now understand why Anja give it up.



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