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Nuestra Señora del Pilar by Anja & Sjors - OcCre - Scale 1:46

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Hello Kevin,


I think when you have one kit from Caldecraft you stay with them.

I have build now 4 or 5 OcCre kits but this time it is very bad!

I’ll be waiting for the Victory that is designed by Chris Watton.

And i will get the Smit Rotterdam from Billing Boats.

That one is just for the reason that there is no rigging,cannons and other saling things 😜

I have seen that you are at the rigging stage....

It takes a while but it looks great!





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Just read the entire log. Nice work so far but to bad Anja couldn't continue. She was off to a very good start!


How's the overall quality of the kit? I don't have any experience with Occre only Artesania Latina (AL)  Occre and Artesania Latina share the same history so I think it should be fine? 


good luck with the masts, yards and all the rigging you are about to do next.....She is a very big ship to rigg!






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Sjors!! How did I miss this one?? I would blame Anja for not inviting me but Sean has already blamed you for not telling him. Ill just have to say I have been away too long and missed too many great builds.

You are doing a fine job with a kit as bad as everyone says it is. It is a testament to your skill that she looks as good as she does.


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Thanks all for the nice comment and the likes.




Anja is to busy with other stuff.

Maybe in the future she will do a build again.

But not a big one anymore.

In the past I had better kits from OcCre then this one.

A lot of metal parts,mesurements that are not correct(to small).

A lot of things you can not find on the drawing or they are not there.

So you have to figure it out by your self.

The rigging should not be no problem because i has do the rigging of big ships before like the San Ildefonso OcCre, Le Mirage Corel and the Agamemnon Caldecraft. 

There are links in my signature.


A Denis,


Thank you😀


@Mark Tiedens


The rigging will take a while because i have to calculate how much rope i need.

I will order new rope at Morope.

If you want to see the quality ,take a look at the Agamemnon.

I use that rope there also.





Also thanks




You are welcome at this build.

But you can only blame your self😝🤣😇

Don’t stay away that long! 

I just save some klompen for you 🤣

And i just want to finish the Nuestra and go quick to another build!





Edited by Sjors
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Again a little update.

I have make the shrouds for the lower mizzen-, main,- and foremast.

I also started with the ratlines on the foremast .

I have no rope anymore for the ratlines so that has to wait for a few days before I can go on.

I ordered new rope and maybe at the end of the week I wil have it.







shrouds lower masts.JPG

ratlines portside.JPG

Ratlines starboard.JPG

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