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Hello from UK


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My name is Glenn Reader, I have been lurking on MSW for just over 2 years now, I just looked it up. My initial intention was to wait until I had more spare time then introduce myself. I have now concluded, like most things, its better to just get on with it.


I am not a newcomer to the hobby, for about the past 35 years I have been making ship models, however there have been about 10 year gaps between each of them. Not good for honing ones skills. I have made (in order):


HMS Shark, Sloop, Sergal, 1:50

La Sirene, Frigate, Coral, 1:75

Armed Pinnace, Panart, 1:16


I finished the last of these about 12 years ago having already bought the Caldercraft HMS Snake as my next model. About a year ago I started this, but did not get very far as I then got given the Billings kit of the Etoile. I thought, this is not normally my thing, but I am a bit rusty, I could just dash this off to get back into things. So I have put away the Snake and am now building the Etoile. My intention is to now start a build log for this in the next few days, I have some photos I have taken up to now and hope that starting a build log will encourage me to better document this build. Also to maybe get some advice on anything I am having a problem with; there are already a few of these.


On the personal side, I left full time employment 9 months ago, it did not give me any more free time - if anything the reverse, and am now employed part time marking exam papers (maths). I used to be an electronic engineer working in the defence industry. For the last 13 years on aircraft, I do not have any real interest in aircraft as such, but some of the sub systems are interesting.


I have a fairly long list of ships that I want to model. It should take me to at least the end of the century. These include, in no particular order: Thames Barge, Chapmans Water Hoy, Sloop 1776 (these last two are from plans published in Model boats March 1993 and July 1996 respectively), Trincomalee, though not as a frigate, but as she was with flush upper works during her second commission of 1852-1857. These will all be scratch builds, but there are a few kits in the list as well.


That's it for the introduction, please look out for me starting my log in the next few days.





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Welcome to MSW Glenn! Good to to have you with us and out of the shadows. :)  As you already know about the great people and information this site has to offer I will skip right over to wishing you the best of luck on your new build and I am looking forward to seeing your build log! Would love to see some pictures of your past builds as well.

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Hello Glenn and welcome aboard,


As you already found out, this is a great site for learning/sharing tips and techniques.

If needed, you'll find plenty of help, advise and encouragement from everyone.


I wish you smooh sailing and happy modelling with our gallant crew.




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