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Chinese junk


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I have just completed A L Endeavour and am looking for something with less rigging.

The Chinese junk looks interesting but I can only find two companies (Amati and A L) who produce them.

Are there any more models out there and which of the two models above is recommended?



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Dumas makes one but it is very simple.  Both the Amati and AL kits are pretty good.  There are some Chinese made kits but I think they are from makers that are on the banned list.  Can't think of any others.

My advice and comments are always worth what you paid for them.

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Chinese junks exist in many different versions. I do not know if there is a kit which is suitable for you. If you intent to build in skratch I can recommend a magnificent book that not only gives a good history of these ships but also a very detailed building description of a cetrtain type.The book cotains 8 drawings of 55 x 37 cm.

It is written in German.


Das Shaohsing chúan

Ein traditionelles Schiff in China

Wolfgang Asbach

1991 by Selbstverlag

Historischer Schiffsbau e.V.

Druckerei Rautenberg, Leer






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Another excellent book is "Junks and Sampans of the Yangzte" by G.R.G. Worcester.  Based on decades of experience it is the best book I have seen on the subject.  There is also the "Junk Blue Book 1962" put out by the US Government during the Vietnam war that has a lot of info about water craft of the region.  Downloadable version is available here http://indigenousboats.blogspot.com/p/junk-blue-book.html

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My advice and comments are always worth what you paid for them.

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