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Where is the deck?

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I'm starting to work on a scratch build of a Fletcher class destroyer. The attached plan from Strike Models is what I'm working from. I'm having a little trouble interpreting the the build plan. Mainly the difference in the deck line between the left and right. If I cut each frame according to this diagram, won't the deck be really steep in the front? For example, frame G on the right has a much higher deck than frame G on left. Is this really the deck?






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Your sketch is pretty rough.  Yes, 'G' should be at the same height; if the drawing was more accurate, they would be.  'G' port and 'G' starboard are, after all, the same frame but seen one from forward and the other from aft.

I took your sketch and put a waterline on it, at the deck edge.  They aren't that far apart.




What is further making things seem uneven is that this hull has a lot of sheer forward, not as much aft.  It rises up at the bows and gets lower until about midship, then staying roughly the same level until the stern.

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Fletcher's had flush decks. This is the USS Ammen DD 527 after a collision in 1960, killed 11 shipmates and injured 25. You might be able to pick out some deck details from these photos. These photos are of her configuration after the post war upgrade when one 5" 38 was removed along with one torpedo launcher between the stacks replaced with 3" 50 guns. Hope you can pick out some useful hull details from these photos.

jud :pirate41:








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Wow. Thank you so much for the pictures. That must have been quite an experience to serve onboard a Fletcher. From the pictures it's clear what you mean about it be a flush deck. It also appears that there is very little camber to the deck. Certainly not as much as indicated. As Jbshan has indicated it would appear there are some lines missing.


I thinks what I'll do is match the height of the frames up to the sheer plan and go from there.



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I'd say, get a better set of plans.

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I'd say, get a better set of plans.

I didn't want to say so, but the ones Rich is trying to work from look as if they were drawn with a Hershey bar, as my old professor would have said.

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You might want to try the http://www.floatingdrydock.com/ 


they have a much better selection of plans and e-books of the Fletcher class. You can also check out my gallery http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/gallery/album/60-uss-zellars-dd-777/


and my progress build photos located here http://howefamily.com/zellars_progress_photos/zellars.asp(flash required) My build is a Sumner class which is a little different than the Fletcher but the hull shape is essentially the same. 


I believe the Fletcher, Gearing and Sumner classes all had flush decks. Another great source for this and other US Navy plans go to the following:




hope that helps

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