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74 gun ship by Gaetan Bordeleau - 1:24

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The work will now be aft outside. In preparation the windows. The process of building is exactly as a real home wall framing, openings, covering the walls, moldings. Many windows are fake, meaning no glass, and a black back. I revisited the notes from the first forum about it. In 2009,  with Jack Nastyface and Wacko Wolf we had an interesting discussion about these fake windows. The fake windows are mostly on the sides, For 6 windows, 1 1/2 is true, on each side. I am actually working on the framing that I began few years ago. Unfortunately, I have a big dilemma about the number of windows on the first deck which is 10. With the fake windows, they wanted to give the illusion that the ship was much important than it really was. I began the work by covering the beams. Working this way, it means that there would be 8 windows. But in this megalomania, on the plans, unfortunately, for me, there are 10 windows. Maybe, I should have done the same 74 as Mark, the Bellona which has 8 windows at the first level. So, now the question is will I be cheating or undoing some works?


Fortunately, model ship building is not the only pleasure. I like to make adaptors, sometimes called jig and sometimes called tool. I always try to apply the same principles. It must fill a need, it must be as simple as possible, it must be made as fast as possible, when metal is not required, plastic or wood is used.


I bought a brush made with v dents to clean the polishing wheels. Very efficient to clean.








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For the last few months, I tried to get a new spot for lighting. Made of 2 parts, the first one was already available but the second part just came out on the market and I finally got one. The difference with the other LED lights is the power, much more. The light is in 2 parts, a spot and a zoom also the shape of the light can be adjusted in many shapes like circle, square rectangle and so on. With only 1 light now, I can take photos inside the model.


On a parallel path, I tried some new knives: japan kitchen knives and I am still pushing the art of sharpening which consist in raising and removing the burr. I can sharp a knife which will have no resistance passing through a tomato but I cannot do it on a regular basis. I watched many videos on you tube and everybody has his own way to do it. Sharpening a knife can be a very satisfying experience when you see what is a sharp knife. I am still learning the process and I learned new words in sharpening: Edge leading sharpening vs edge trailing.






Capture d’écran, le 2021-08-11 à 11.34.39.jpg

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