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General Finishes Dye examples?

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Might be a long shot, but has anyone uses General Finishes Dye on basswood, something like their Vintage Cherry? I'm trying to visualize what that would look like.


In general, how are their waterbased dyes in terms of grain lifting (they say they include some resin to minimize it, but that implies there will still be some lifting).



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You can probably minimize this problem:

Treat the surface with an application of 5-10% PVA wood glue

in water and let it dry. Sand/scrape the surface and then

use the aniline dye.  The swelling fibers would be much less

with the second .  Aniline wood dyes also come as Iso/ethyl alcohol

soluble to avoid swelling wood fibers.  The cost is that the dye does

not penetrate as deeply as water base dye.

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I've used their dyes and stains - very nice product.  You can look through my logs for examples.  Not sure that I've used their products on basswood, but have used it on a variety of woods.



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A trick from the gunsmithing trade is to simply wet the sanded wood and let it dry. A well dampened rag will do. After it dries, rub down the now raised grain and wet it again. When the wood is smooth after wetting you're done. This works on woods like walnut, maple and cherry. Basswood with its fuzzy grain structure might be another matter.



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