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new member..........introduction


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Registered with this site in January and impressed / enjoy very much.    Started model ship building in 1997 and currently completing my 4th build - AL Bounty.   I generally work on these models during Oct / Nov - to March / April but coming off a 5 year absence.   Began the Bounty in January 2003 and worked each winter up to 2008.   At this point 95% completed.   Jan - March / 2011 this went up to 98%.  


This January decided to complete and "decide" if I will continue with another build.   There is a reason for questioning another build.  I find my strength / enjoyment in ship building from the deck, deck fixtures, mast and rigging.   Spend many evenings into the early morning hours working on my ships and enjoyed immensely.   BUT my weakness is in hull construction.  Compared to the Bounty, on a difficulty scale my 1st 3 builds (AL Swift, Mamoli Britannica, AL Harvey) are not to bad in this area........mine are not correct ...just ok.   The Bounty was frustrating at times and made me question if ever another build.    


When I returned this January to completing the rigging, the enjoyment returned and started checking out kits online.   One that visually grabbed my attention was the US Brig Syren.  Very nice!  Started reading reviews......all very positive particularly the instructions supplied.   "Well, one more try"?   So I purchased and received 2 weeks ago and can say impressed.


What I want to get out of building the Syren is proper hull construction.   Understanding of bearding, rabbet (none of my previous builds mention this), bulkhead alignment and proper planking, etc.   I have come to the conclusion that if I understand the what, why and a few other things, then enjoyment in this area of ship building should follow.  


I have played with the fit of the keel and bulkheads over the last few days but won't get into the Syren until next fall (planning a build log).   Until then I will be reading up on hull construction, the Syren instructions and gathering info from the forum / build logs on this site.   






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Hello Blaine and welcome aboard,


You will find that we share a lot of information on our builds, so free to look around and enjoy all the possibilities this forum has to offer.

This is a great place to learn and share tips and techniques.

And if needed, you'll find plenty of advise, help and encouragement from everyone.


I wish you smooth sailing with our gallant crew.




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Thanks for the welcome!  Over the last week been reading (several times) the Winchelsea article on planking and watching the 2 videos of Chuck Passaro demonstrating planking.  Will be following some build logs here plus additional reading over the next few months before starting the build next fall.  


Until then take care.



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