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Skipjack Kathryn by Mahuna - FINISHED - 1:32 - Based on HAER Drawings

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12 hours ago, druxey said:

Oh, my! That's quite the quest for a good facsimile. Looking good, Frank.

Thanks Druxey.  I'm a little disappointed that I wasn't able to make the ring net from scratch, but I'd really like to get the model finished this year. 😉

32 minutes ago, John Allen said:

Frank maybe early but are you going to add rope lacing from rings to upper bar? 


Necessity is the mother of invention, problem solving A#1 Kudos.

Hi John.  Yes, I'll be adding the rope after I get the rings finished.

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On 7/17/2019 at 5:30 PM, Jim Lad said:

Just catching up, Frank.  Your dredges are looking first class.  Well done!



Thanks John.  Making the dredges have been a little frustrating, but they're getting there.


On 7/20/2019 at 2:24 AM, Omega1234 said:

Hi Frank


Those dredges look like the real deal. If I were you, I’d be tempted to try them out in my koi pond.   Mmmm,  I wonder what aquatic bugs they could dredge up (pardon the pun)?





Hi Patrick.  You always have interesting ideas - but maybe I'll pass, given all of the frustrations I've already had with these little devils.

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Part 104 –Oyster Dredge Cont’d


My plans were to have one of the dredges sitting on the deck, and one hanging off the side.  After more thought, this wouldn’t be very practical if I’m going to transport the model.  The hanging dredge would likely sway back and forth, and would wind up damaging the side planks or worse.  So I decided to be practical and install both dredges on the deck.  


The net made of rings has already been discussed. The next and last item that needed to be made was the rope net.  Trying to make the net from scratch was another source of frustration, so I had to look for alternatives.  The best alternative wound up being the net from a laundry bag used for delicate clothing. Here are a couple of photos of the finished dredge.






After attaching the dredges to the ‘cable’ coming off the dredge winder, the dredges were epoxied to the deck.






This completes the work on the model.


Since I’ll likely be bringing Kathryn to a meeting of the San Diego Ship Modelers Guild, I’ll need to make sure there are no other components that may be affected by travel.


I’ll share some photographs of the finished Kathryn in my next post.

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4 hours ago, druxey said:

Beautifully done, Frank. Small point (and it may just be the photograph); the netting looks too bright. Congratulations on a lovely model.

Thanks Druxey.  I did dye the netting, but it might still be a little bright.  However, when you look at the whole model it doesn't stand out too much.


4 hours ago, Jim Lad said:

Congratulations on finishing this beautiful model, Frank!



Thanks John.  It feels good to finally be 'finished'.  Now on to the next one!


2 hours ago, ccoyle said:

That's gorgeous, Frank. Congratulations!

Thanks Chris.  Glad you like it!


1 hour ago, HIPEXEC said:

Unbelievable!! You are an amazing ship builder. Great job! :champagne:


Thanks Rich.  I try.  😉

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Thanks everyone for the comments, 'likes', and support during my Kathryn build.  Here are a few photos of the completed model.




I've started doing some CAD work for my next model - the J.T. Leonard oyster sloop.  I hope to start a build log soon.

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On 7/24/2019 at 6:35 AM, Omega1234 said:

I jest of course, Frank, but those furled sails looks absolutely fabulous.  


Congrats, once again.





Thanks Patrick - but I don't think I'll be making sails again.


On 7/24/2019 at 6:52 AM, popeye the sailor said:

beautiful boat Frank........amazing quality in your hand made parts :)   very well done!  looking forward in seeing the Leonard.

Thanks Popeye.  The JTL will be interesting when compared to skipjacks.


On 7/24/2019 at 1:17 PM, FriedClams said:

Sweet piece of work Frank!  Congratulations on its completion.  Beautiful model.



Thanks Gary.


21 hours ago, EdT said:

Beautiful model, Frank.  Wonderful workmanship and attention to detail.  Love it.



Thanks Ed.  I've tried to apply what I've learned from watching your work since I started modeling.

19 hours ago, dvm27 said:

Would look great in any maritime museum, Frank. Well done!

Thanks Greg.  I've actually been thinking that at some point I might offer the Kathryn to CBMM.


29 minutes ago, John Allen said:



First class, well done. Obviously not a working dredger no sacks, oysters, culling boards and irons and no mud. :D KUDOS on a fine build.



Thanks John.  I guess you could say this is how she looks at the start of each oystering season, before the paint dries. 

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5 hours ago, JerryTodd said:

As someone that's worked on these boats, you've done a beautiful job capturing one; albeit, a little cleaner than I remember :)

Thanks Jerry.  I admire folks like yourself who have actually worked on these boats.  I have a good friend who is an experienced waterman (and an excellent modeler) who has been a great source of info during the project.


1 hour ago, niwotwill said:

Fantastic is all I can say after spending the last two evenings reading you log. I wish I could pick on thing to say is the best part, but there are no best parts of the ship. Simply fantastic!!!! 


Thanks Will.  I think when you see Kathryn in person you'll probably pick out some things that are NOT the best parts!

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