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The making of an early 17th century ship lantern 


writing English texts is not my best side.

I hope that the photographs and the drawings are sufficient.




Here's the method of how I made my lantern for my Wasa Billing Boats.

A lantern of this type is also found on the Batavia replica.





I have attached a pdf with a drawing

Dimensions are in mm (1 millimeter = 0.0393700787 inches)

 schets lantaarn.pdflantaarn.jpg.153a0426077fcab07042ffb765122b36.jpg

(Extra small details in plastic strip are applied on the lantern)

Painting is gold and gun metal)



The base came from lantern From Billing Boats




eight volunteers from the 1/72 parts box






Each question will be answered as good as possible






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Extremely well done. Looks great. Thank you for sharing.  I had done glass like this and scoured the lines representing the lead squares. After scouring the lines I coloured the pane with a black whiteboard marker and then simply wiped it off, Leaving the black ink to settle in the scour marks. Have you used this approach before?

Beautiful workmanship. 

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Thanks for the positive comments.


Have you used this approach before?




No. This was my very first lantern on my first ship.

It is made in plastic because I have most experience with this material from my military modeling


But I remember this advice when I make a lantern for my Golden Hind.

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