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HMS Victory by michael101 - Caldercraft - Scale 1:72

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  • 8 months later...

Hello friends , 

after long time I'm updating my build log,

6 month ago we had a baby so I not had the time even to think about the build :)

but now starting again ...

so 6 month ago I left the ship after finishing the first plank

and now im working (very slowly but working lol) on the gallery 

here is some pictures how I left the ship :





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Beautiful work Michael, planking is fantastic. It's a pity that it will be covered with the second planking but I can assure you that it is not wasted. When I did mine I found it a very good base for the second planking and by then I had gained a great amount of know how which is so essential for the second planking.  Keep on your beautiful work Michael.



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Congratulations Michael on the birth of your child and your planking. Just found your build log and you are an inspiration. I am obviously far too impatient with my build. I shall continue to watch your build with great pleasure. You are an artist. 

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As EVERYONE has noted - Yes indeed your planking work is superlative. Hard to believe that you will cover it up with a second layer. Do you intend to plate the lower sections of the hull? 

The HMS Victory are one of those ships that make me just too nervous to even consider. Then there is the real estate war that would follow with the Admiral haha


Will follow along & congrats on your newborn.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello there :)

working on the back gallery and got some issues ..

i have fixed and glue the windows pattern of the gallery (part no.374)and also the stern fascia inner skin (part no.373)

in the right position regarding the line of the top quarter gallery pattern (part no.215)


and now i have a problem with part no.371 this pare is about 2 mm up from the last slot that old the part no 220..

here is a picture from joitica the part no.371 need to be flash with the corner as the red Arrow but in my case it finished in about 2 mm up (at the point of the yellow arrow )

the thing is , i saw the same problem in other build logs but they fix it without to talk about that 

i have some idea show to fix it but any idea will cause other problems ... 




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After a lot of thinking … 

I think I have found the problem , 

if you will look carefully you will see the piece 373 came bigger , 

here is a 2 pictures for comparing (my build and the Calder craft build ) 

The caldercraft piece finished with the line of the first gun ports pattern blue arrow

and mine finish about 2.5 mm Downstairs red arrow 



so the best solution it’s to cut the end off part 373 and bring it to the same line of the first gun ports pattern 

anyway it will not make any changes for the finishing panel ( even if I will need to take off from the panel. Because that panel will be painted black without any decoration here is a picture from caldercraft of a finishing model)


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  • 1 month later...
  • 3 months later...
On 9/12/2019 at 2:05 AM, mort stoll said:

hi michael,


question. so i take it you did indeed trim parts #373 in order to get them flush with part# 270.






Hello Mort ,

sorry for the delay (i just saw your question)

i did trim the part 373 but not flush with 270 line ! if it will be flush the space between the side gallery supports  (the last one and the one before the last one )

you can see the problem in pic A

So the way to do it its to trim it diagonal

i mean to leave the corner of the last side gallery flush with the corner of the 373 part, and to make the slot near the blue Arrow deeper to make the last side gallery support to be flush with back panel  (pic B )

Best regards,






Edited by michael101
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  • 5 months later...

Hello friends 

on the last few months I was working on the gallery so here is an update :)

maybe it will look a small thing but it took me a lot (more than a lot 😀) to finish this aria 

I will show step by step to help other builders who going to reach this step....

but first of all I have to say a big thanks to Robert (has the nickname Berto in this forum)

Who helped me understand all the future issues that could be with the gallery if I followed the instructions I will talk about them later ...

but after understand the problems I had to think a lot to solve problem by problem...


So lets get started 

first of all I had to make the deck before putting the windows and painting black the background (in the instructions it not tell you nothing about to install any deck behind the windows and bento told me that must make this deck and do it before installing the windows ...)





About the glazing

There is a real problem to glue the plastic film on the wood for a several reasons

Any kind of glue in the future will get off because of the nature of the wood due to the temperature of the season...

The only good glue for this method will be epoxy but its not ideal .. you can dirt the film easily...

So after a lot of thinking i decide to use this method :

First i made the templet of the film with a slots up and down between the windows

And then i have used a timber of 1.5 mm by making a slot in the middle that will fit the exact thickens of the film

Then i glue it in place in the back of the windows templet

here is the steps and the result :




I have to say that the skins (patterns ) are not matching each other at all !!!! you have to be careful to make the exact shape for making smooth match !!!!

here is a picture of the process (don't worry about the hols I will cover them at the end ;) )





now the big or maybe the huge problem!!! that I had to - :default_wallbash:

and have to say again thanks to Robert for warned me about this issue !

there is a 2 patterns of the back gallery the one that already installed no. 374

and the back pattern (no. 375 )who will install on the pattern no.374      

so the problem is that the second pattern not seat exact on the first one. you can see it clearly in this picture: (I merged both patterns in photoshop , the hard lines are the first pattern no.374 and the light lines are the second pattern no.375)



The big problem is that in the low line of the second pattern you will have to install a profile for all over the line and at the sides you have to install a profile how need to mach the corners of the back profile !

so if you will leave the last skin as is it will mach the corners of the first pattern and they are over (above) the corners of the second pattern!!!!

then the side profiles will never get mach with the back profile because they are above the back ! 

here is a picture of the profile (look at the blue arrow )954478003_FromSkitch.png.a69e1ca70ee8b5f833e85bff11790c9c.png



so After a long time of thoughts I got a solution ...

by the way I saw that problem in the others build logs but the builders came to the problem after they try to install the second pattern ...

my solution was to add a wood to the last skin to get the exact cornet of the second back pattern no. 375

so I have install the second pattern temporary for taking the Lins of the corners .. then I made the extension of the last side windows pattern 

BTH the space in one side of the skin its bigger than the other side so I had to cut the wood in angel ..

here is a picture in the middle of the process:



for the builders who going to work on this stage it recommended to make a block filler under the last skin because after you making the extension for the last side windows pattern you will lose the "bulkhead " the one before the last one !!



also I had to make one side of the last bulked thick than the other side in 1.5 mm for giving more Uniform space along the last skin so I made this wood extension:




and here is the pictures of the final galley project (still need to term a bit the rest of wood of the last skin who going a bit down the line of the last bulkhead but I will do it when I will put the ship upside down on the stand ...)



and in the back :



hop this post will help other builders who came across this stage :) 

Best regards


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Hello michael

                  It’s looking good. Well done with that tricky job. A bit of advice,  I would not fit any of the decoration, or do any work on the quarter galleries until much later on in your build. It is totally unnecessary and can easily get damaged. Have a look at Gil Middleton’s Log. Keep enjoying it.   DAVID

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