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HMS Pegasus by Blue Ensign - FINISHED - Victory Models - 1:64 scale

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BE, really gorgeous work.  Congratulations!  This is the pinnacle and gold standard of Swan Class builds here.  Thanks so much for sharing your journey with us, and for taking the time to share your techniques.  


Live the display play by the way - I wish I went with an acrylic case like you have on my Badger.  Having wood molding for the panels distracts the eye from the model in my opinion.

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As I mentioned in an earlier post,  I have used some of my post build time to create a Photo Album of my build utilising some of the many photo's taken over the course of the build.

The album is large format (28 x 21cm) and runs to 120 pages.

The book has now arrived and I thought you may like to see how it worked out.

The book was designed and created from software downloaded from Vistaprint.  who then produced the Album.

Here's are a few pages to give you a glimpse of how it looks.








In reality the photo's are far better than may appear on this post, and it's nice to have a record outside of a computer to look back on a build.







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Thanks Tom, but it's only for my personal interest, and I know who I am ;) :D


Hi Dirk, I paid £72.00  for the maximum number of pages (120), the basic album is (24 pages)

It would have cost me not far short of that in printer ink to do it myself on my inkjet, and without the professional binding.





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Ahoy BE -- I've just returned from a trip and find that you've put the final punctuation on your "Seven Year Adventure."  Beautiful book, BE (I wouldn't have imagined you'd do anything less).  Wonderful case, pleasant Work Shop, Handsome Builder (what's all this nonsense about your age?!  you can't be over 28 ;) ).  Most of all, a fine, fine Pegasus, one that would put a sparkle in the eye of any eighteenth-century modeller!





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Hi Maurice

I have been so long and so far away from this forum and I decided to come back for a look. 


First - congratulations on your wonderful rendition of this elegant sloop. You are the master of this kit and your work always inspired me to keep going when I was going (and not going very well). Your end result is as remarkable as your journey - surely one of the most informative logs - it is the "how to" for all who tackle this beautiful ship in kit form. The brilliant outcome speaks for itself. I doff my cap to your skills and patience. One day I'd like to bother you for a visit to admire the outcome in reality - I'd need an invite of course!!!


Mine lays over on it's side - I ran out of puff but the wind will lift it off again one day...I can't resist modelling though - WW1 planes at the moment. And then I'll return here to finish my HMS Fly.


Brilliant man. Keep building!!!


Best regards,


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Hi B.E.


As I've mentioned before, I often dip into your Pegasus log for ideas and inspiration. As my own project nears completion (well, just the running rigging to go so it must be nearly done?!) I've been reminded of your display case. I'm also looking for a clear case with no obstructing frames. My own research turned up a few potential suppliers in the UK, amongst which I thought Display Cases International looked the likeliest. Before I take the plunge, would you mind sharing your supplier and your impression of their product (it certainly looks great in your photos)? 





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