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Miniature Russian carving tools

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I’ll second what Bill has just said. I too tried to place an order a while back but had to wait until Mihail returned in October. I received my set last week and they are every bit as beautiful as others have said. Again, communication was via Google translate and payment via PayPal - both painless operations. Mikhail has been a thoroughly nice person to deal with as well.

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Ah, yes, those beautiful gouges/chisels.
Back in February I was feeling sorely tempted to order a set.  But at the time I decided not to, on the grounds that I'm old, and might not get full value from Mihail's exquisite work prior to kicking the bucket.  Good tools deserve to be used, don't they?

But thank you, Bill, for reminding me about them.
You re-kindled the fire of tool-lust that burns within my decrepit heart.  I've now decided I must try and live long enough to enjoy them.  So this evening I sent Mihail an email.

Anyway, I'm now apparently #5 on his waiting list.  He said he's hoping to get them to me around the end of the year.  But don't hurry, Mikail!  Do your usual superb job!

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Just for information, Mihael is pretty quick in making these tools once your 'turn' comes up.  Delivery from Russia seems a bit slow, however  (although my experience might have been a bit skewed by the Christmas rush).  He posted mine on 13th December; they arrived today (9th January).

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Can someone PM me his email address?  I’d love to get a set as I’d like to start carving.


Just out of curiousity, any recommendations on which kind of handles to get?  I assume the palm handle ones are better if you don’t have enough hand strength?  I would think I would have an easier time with the ones that are more pencil like in shape, but I’ve never worked with the other type except in the case of a ball handle pin vise.



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I got this address from druxey Mike.

Hi. I should emphasize that these are for experienced miniature carvers. They are, in the small sizes, very delicate tools, easily broken if misused. However, if you are up to it, they will make a superb investment. Michail's contact info:




Regarding handles is a matter of prefrerance. For fine work I would prefer the palm handle version for close in work. Go to Woodcraft and handle their miniature palm set for a similar sense of that style.



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Joe’s right - they are very delicate, precision tools.  Frankly, I’m glad I chose the standard handles that allow you to manipulate the gouges much as you might hold a pen or a fine sable brush.  The palm handles (yes, I have got some palm chisels) don’t seem to give you the same control at the very fine level.

Mind you, I suppose it all depends on your own ‘feel’ for tools like this.

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I realize this string is over a year old now, but as I just ordered a set of chisels from Mihail that he is targeting to ship early February I would like any information on sharpening based on members' experience that have used his or similar sized micro chisels.   I use the Veritas for relatively larger chisels but gather from earlier posts that this does not work for the micro chisels.   I am envisioning a triangular block with various angles of 25 degrees, et al to hold the chisel at the proper angle when honing on a stone and then stropping but this seems almost too simple.  In addition,  I have a small leather stropping pad and stropping compound, but if there are suggestions on a better stropping device, I am all ears.  


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My set from Mikhail arrived this week.  Got stuck in customs and took about 6 weeks, but well worth the wait:


 As everyone said, they are really well made and at a nice price.  I bought some micro gouges and other tools from Dockyard years ago, but these are much higher quality.  As you can see, I opted for the more decorative handles and glad I did so.  The tools are almost too beautiful to work with and dirty.


Mikhail is a very nice guy, and google translate worked very well for our communications.  He stayed on top of the delivery to make sure that the package got to me and periodically checked in.  I’m sure some may have misgivings about communicating in a foreign language with someone halfway around the world, but it was a very smooth process, customs delay aside.


I believe he makes batches of these twice a year, so if you are interested, it’s best to contact him sooner rather than later.  Mine was the last set for this batch, otherwise I would have had to wait until the fall.


Thanks Mikhail!

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I just received my set, with pear handles. It took 23 days from the time he shipped them, not bad during a global pandemic. They were slow to clear customs in Moscow and cross the Atlantic, but once they hit New York they moved very quickly out West to me. They are as good as everyone has said. Beautiful craftsmanship, super sharp. He even constructed a left-hand storage box for me, because I am left-handed. It means the slot for the sharpening sanding block (not included) is on the left end. Very thoughtful!






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They are brilliant :) received mine back in June will be doing more carving on my next build, Mikail was very nice to deal with and even showed me some of his carvings they are absolutely outstanding, a master carver.

He also gives you how to sharpen and with pictures.




Here is one of the pictures :imNotWorthy:




Bob they are not a special order you just pay more.


Very satisfied customer 👍




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Just for the information - looks like the order queue is pretty short now (Mikhail says that he has more time to manufacture them due to covid). My order was ready in just a few weeks (from the first email to the production process)! So if you were thinking about it, but were hesitating - now is the perfect time to order!

He has some standard cutter sets, from 15-ish to 25-ish items. One can even pick and choose the desired cutter types.

The price per piece is the same regardless of the cutter type, and only depends on the handle (plus box and shipping).


As all the others, I am very happy with the order and its quality (got the set of 23 items with pear handles).

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I too have ordered a set from Mikhail - He must be quiet at the moment as I paid for them today and he is starting work on my order in the morning.  I've gone for the full set with pear handles as I just couldn't justify the extra cost of the nicer handles even though they look amazing.


So if you want some now the time to order and as others have said Google translate works great and he takes payment through PayPal so no risk either.

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