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Peregrine Galley 1700 by Sergal/Mantua


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I purchased this kit from someone who found it in the back of a store room. The box was pretty beat up, but all the pieces were in there. This is my first real build of a wooden model ship and was probably not the best choice for a newb to attempt the hull shape is somewhat difficult with multiple compound curves. I layed up the first hull planking and it came out pretty awful, but with the final planking I'm doing much better and learning a lot. I'm not sure that some of the parts are the proper scale, but I'll use them. I'm building this with some of the gun ports closed and some open with the guns run out and this is where I think the scale is off, there is very little room behind the guns to rig them properly with block and tackle to bring the gun back out of battery. Anyway, thats about it, other than the instructions are not great and the plans are not exactly to scale. Thanks   

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Mike, would you like to continue this as a build log? It's a great way to get advice and tips during your project. If you like, I can move this topic to the build log forum for you.

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This was also my first wood ship model back in the "80's.  I look at it in horror because of all the mistakes (mine and Mantua's) but friends think it looks great so I still keep it on display in my living room.  Use this kit to learn and hone your skills.




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