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HMS Victory Richardjjs - Caldercraft - R. Simmons

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Bought my Victory just before Christmas from the proceeds of a house sale.

Did a lot of work a few photos but lost them when Hard Drive went down (I was a computer progammer before retiring always took backups just didnt do i often enough)

So unless i can recover then will start from where I am now

Have finished first planking and the lowerpart of the second planking. On the two models I have previously completed I planked the hull with scale 5" Planks and on both used tree nails No decent pictures of my Panart Victory from 35 years ago (Valued at £5000 by National Maritime Museum).
On the Panart San Felipe i did the same (1 Picture added here will add a seperate blog for this later with photos - its been put on the back burner for now)


1 think i think needs adding is that it is easier to cut the       BEFORE adding the Hul Frames

mark the Frames and Keel joint across the joint so you know when its lined up other wise you might get the keel out of line

1.   Hull with first planks done and most of the hull second planks done. Using uper Gle for second planking mmmmm not sure!!

2 and 3   Main DEck ready to fit - lines are 1.25 inches to lay 4 butt plankin - must make sure the buts end where the deck beams are

4.   Gun Ports lines with 1mm to allow for the gun ports to close
5.   Caldercraft say to line the Entrance port. Tried to find a picture as the top of the frame is shaped and is NOT painted

6.   Stern windows - The incredible etched frames with complete this (Wonder when no bets being taken)

7.  Main  Entrance - From HMS Victory First Rate 1765 by Jonathan Eastland and Iain Ballantyne - Note the Carving of the Head Rail


It amazing how the photos show up even little discrepancies


I purchased tis Stand from B&Q (UK) it tilts and lifts special offer 34.00 UKP








20170313_145412 (2).jpg

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Hello Richard 

                     It might be a good idea to post us a few pictures, so we can all see the stage you are at. There will be plenty of members following your build, and it would be helpful for us all to see how your build is progressing, and give advice if necessary. 

Best regards DAVID

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2 hours ago, Shipyard sid said:

Hello Richard 

                     It might be a good idea to post us a few pictures, so we can all see the stage you are at. There will be plenty of members following your build, and it would be helpful for us all to see how your build is progressing, and give advice if necessary. 

Best regards DAVID

Did intend to add some here they are. Still looking for the first photos sure I have backups some where
First hard disc failute in 35 years !! (As and IT Programmer

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A bit disappointed with the instruction. The Wales are quite difficult to place from the plans.


It need a view of the bow so you can see where the wales come into the Head.


Also at the stern the top and middle Wales come into the stern windows (From the plan but the lower wale actually runs into the curved part of the stern (Where the stern chasers are)

Be  careful to get the wales the right width as there are 4 pieces of 5mm x 1mm walnut which if you dont narrow slightly on each piece can widen the wale to 20.1-20.2 especially if you dont make allowance for the curve of the tumblehone here the sum of the 4 x 5mm planks can be too wide

Also check that your 3 pieces of 3.5 walnut do actualy measure 10.5 as mine where narrow 4 rather than 3.5 end up with top and middle wale nearly 12mm not 10+.


JUst in case you missed where it goes the .5 x 4mm walnut strip is fxed above the 4 x 5mm walnut strip of he LOwer Wale - not seen this on any other kit


Mine is not quite correct photos follow


Photo 1 From HMS Victory Her Construction, Career and Restoration by Alan Magowan (Incredible book) clearly show the lower Wale running into the stern Quarter

Photo 2  Shows my Wale runing into the stern
Photo 3 Again from Alan Magowans book shows that the side entrance is cut into the Upper wale (and also details the Entrance Head Rail


20170315_171448 (2).jpg

20170313_145106 (2).jpg

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Contrary to the Instructions the Caldercraft Victory's Gun Port Lids where two levels of wood Teak

width 41.75" x height 34.5"  (LOwer Deck - I assume the other lids where slightly smaller
The first inner parts made of 4 planks of wood each 1.5"

9", 11.75,12" and 8.5"
The Outer was made of 3 Planks width to suit the side of the ship

10.75,10.5 and 10.75

The lower deck lids had small scuttles which could be opened for ventilation of shooting from


DRAWING XIV from Retoration and Repair of Victory



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Fitted the main Deck lines for plankung drawn - split the deck in two to make it wasier to fit

  Ready linedSpend a lot of ime lining the Upper Deck Gun Ports.
I have also used walnut to  line the inside bulheads as I felt that the Ply would not look right  - a little repairing to do
Planked some of the side to see how it looks
Should finish this monday
Then wv got the port side to do

Coming on OK










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On ‎21‎/‎03‎/‎2017 at 3:46 PM, Richardjjs said:

Working on the gratings.
On on the Main Deck appears to be longer than the Kit so I am extending it

Picture One show a Grating the correct width every other strip.
Picture Three shows a coplted grating with a coming attached
Picture 4 shows the extension being worked on







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