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Murrelet 4PD by MEDDO - Pygmy Boats - scale 1:1 - First full size build


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So as I am finishing this build I thought I would post a short log of the process.  A bit different than what we usually see :D.


For the last 30 or so years Pygmy Boats has been producing high quality kits for kayaks, eventually adding a canoe, and now a stand up paddleboard.  


I have been kayaking for the last 35ish years or so and for quite some time I have been interested in building my own yak.  There are a variety of kit manufacturers out there with different designs with different methods of building and construction.  I am now old enough and have a bit of free time so when my buddy was looking for a boat of his own (instead of always borrowing one of mine) we became interested in building them.  We eventually settled on the Pygmy company.  One of the factors in choosing Pygmy is they offer classes to help you get started.  We thought this would be a bit of a help as we have never done anything like this before.  


Here we go....

A pile of marine grade okume plywood.  The class instructor had pre-joined the long panels before we arrived.


A bit of beveling and fitting...



The first 2 panels of the keel coming together.  The process is called "stitch and glue".  Basically by twisting small wires and "stitching" the panels together they can then be "glued" by the epoxy.  A modification for the class was made and instead of putting a stitch every 4 inches we only put them in the ends and used Gorilla brand tape for the middle sections.  It worked pretty well and was much faster and didn't require a zillion more holes to be drilled.







Here is a close up picture.  The nail is there to provide a bit more torque for that one stitch.



Adding more side panels...




Once the panels are all in place the seams can be glued.


Now flip and starting on the deck.






Next up part 2....





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Now to start on the cockpit area...





This actually took a bit of bending and shaping...





Once the cockpit was done now need to reinforce underside of the deck.




Reinforcement with fiberglass tape saturated in epoxy.




Need to fiberglass and strengthen the cockpit area...




While that dries need to fiberglass the inside of the hull...




Everyone joins in to make it go faster...


After the deck and hull have dried and the excess trimmed off they can be joined at the edges...




Now for the hardest step in the entire build.  The deck-hull seam needs to be reinforced.  The way we did this is to make a long stick with a syringe on the end and a push stick so you can reach all the way in there and put epoxy right down the seam.  The fiberglass tape is then layered down there and allowed to dry...




After each side is dry then it is time for the fun in class to end....





Next up Part 3 at home....



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Woot!!! Got home safely...



Now to clean up all the seams... The thickened epoxy was pretty tough but this tool was really good at removing and smoothing prior to scraping the rest...





With the external hull now sanded and sanded and sanded with more sanding.... I wanted to add a bit of bow art.  Went through many designs ended up with this..




Glass and epoxy the hull...




Glassing the deck...





Need to build up the cockpit and glass the edge...







Part 4 took some nerve... 









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Part 4...


So the perfectly smooth pretty perfect deck gets chopped up....


Need to cut the holes for the hatches.  Used the hatch lip coamings as a template and went to work...





Then had to glass the lips and bulkheads...




Fits nicely...



Added the nobs to the hatch covers...




A fairly difficult step was fitting the bulkheads.  They each had to be fitted prior to glassing and reinforcing...




To make it easy to place hand toggles in the ends to allow you to carry easily had to make an "end pour".  Essentially a big wad of epoxy poured down the ends then a hole is drilled through them...


Wife loved this step...



Then back to the sanding.  Guess what.... More sanding... more sanding... more sanding... 




After final sanding and cleaning up was able to add 5 coats of WR-LPU (water reducible-linear polyurethane).  Chose this versus the marine spar varnish as the varnish needs to dry for 24 hours and sanding between coats... I have had enough of sanding for now...


All that was left was adding the deck hardware...





Sorry I do not have any pictures of the final look as I was planning to take it outside today but the 30deg sleeting rain made that a no go...


Will update with overall pictures when able.









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 Thanks Rick. Although this is a kit I did think that it could possibly be in the other section however since it's not quite a "model" I figured I just stick it in here. I think Gaetan has the largest scale in the build blog sections. Certainly never going to dethrown him is the king of "big". 😜

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Where will y9u be using it?   Way back when I lived there, folks use to do things like this on the Miami River.  They couldn't go downstream from up north beyond the roller dam that was in the downtown area.  I think it's now behind the baseball stadium but it's been a few years since I've been there.

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Back in the day I was all about the big water/storm surges but now I am old and busted and my friend is a newbie so we keep to the local lakes and rivers.  A local outfitter has a fairly active paddling group which has a bunch of trips every month. I also go back to Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay as much as I can.  

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