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Jolie Brise by Ries - Artesania Latina - 1:50, French pilot cutter

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Time for a build log on the Jolie Brise,


having already seen a couple of builds on the net the kit seems pretty straightforward but nevertheless I've already planned to do a few alterations.


I already made a start on this model a year ago and now it's time to proceed.

Keel and bulkheads went together without any fuss and soon followed the deck and deckplanking.

A couple of the bulkheads were not quite flush with the deck but that was solved with thin wooden strips and some sanding.


The lower decks are covered with cedar strips (these were actually meant for lighting cigars..........)


and now some pics







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planking almost done, the hull already showing the fine sleek lines of the cutter.

now comes the fidlly job of filling the last gaps.

in between done a bit of different woodworking.....getting rid of the chestnut tree in my garden






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the rudder


going to work a few steps ahead, have to do this before fitting the keel, stem and rudder-post.

As I want to leave away the hinges, I decided to make a new rudder.

the positon of the upper and lower pivot points have been a bit of a headache and I chose for what seemed to me a reasonable option.


to be continued....






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drilling a hole for the rudder.


this was the next step and I had already been thinking about how to do it. no drill that long in my toolbox to do the job.

time to create a special tool for it; found a piece of stainless steel pipe, 4mm in diameter, on which I filed a couple of teeth. then pressed the end slightly oval so the core that would be left when drilling wouldn't get stuck inside the pipe.

made a spare rudderpost, nailed it in position and clamped a piece of wood on each side of it.

put the drill between the wooden pieces and used another piece to press the it against the rudderpost.

first centimeter was done by hand and then continued with the electrical drill.

I must say that I'm quite pleased with the result as it came out almost perfect on the other side.






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