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Concord Stagecoach by Dan Vadas - Model Trailways - 1:12 scale - circa 1862 "Cobb & Co" - FINISHED

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Danny, the wagon I am building is the Conestoga wagon from Model Trailways. It really is a very odd chassis, as they say in the instructions it is like two single axle chassis bolted together. I don't want to steal your log but just a couple of pictures of the finished chassis for your interest.





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Dan, when you first purchased your Stage Coach I followed suit.  I even spent time on the Scale Horse Drawn Vehicle web site (which makes me enjoy this forum all the more).  I have now built ME's Stage Coach, Conestoga, Doctor's Buggy and Chuck Wagon.  The carriage works shown by Mike seems to be the common method of supporting all kinds of wagons.  If I were to put a New England whale boat on wheels, that is the arrangement to be used.


I posted a few videos on YouTube on building the Conestoga that can be found by searching for "Building the Conestoga Wagon."  I append one photo just for fun.


I love what you are doing on the Stage Coach.




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To construct the Wheels the kit supplies a jig and pattern. This needs to be constructed first, but it's all fairly simple.


The hardest and most time-consuming task is to sand the rims and especially the spokes. There are 52 of these (14 for each rear wheel and 12 for each front), and each one needs to be sanded to an oval for 1/2 it's length - bit like making a couple of thousand treenails :D . The two piles above the jig haven't been done yet :


Jig 1.JPG


Jig 2.JPG


Cheers, Danny

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Thanks Mike, Bug and Jan.



Having fun doing something of such a different scale?


It's all relative Bug - there are details, such as the tiny 1mm nuts, which aren't all that easy at 1:48 :D .



Why did you hide in shore leave!!


So I don't get in trouble with the Admins for posting "off-topic" ;) . Makes no difference that I AM an Admin, rules is rules :D .


Next step is to make the Thorough Braces, Concord's version of suspension. The kit supplies a type of thin gasket material which is a pretty good simulation of leather. It's also quite easy to work with.


First bit was cutting ten 3/16" wide strips from the 3' x 8" sheet supplied. Then I made a simple jig to get the braces the correct length. Five lengths of the strip were then turned around the nails, gluing each end to the previous strip :


Thorough Braces 1.JPG


Thorough Braces 2.JPG


A completed brace. String is used to stop the whole thing unravelling until it's fitted :


Thorough Braces 3.JPG


I've had very few problems with this kit - it's one of the best I've ever done :) . However, there's no margin for error in the amount of material and fittings supplied. Indeed, they didn't supply enough 8 gauge brass pins or laser-cut nuts. So I made my own from offcuts of the pins, and some of the left-over "rubber" material :


Spare Nuts 1.JPG


Spare Nuts 2.JPG



Cheers, Danny

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The Bodywork starts.


There is a jig included in the kit that makes assembly quite simple. As with everything else that's laser cut in this kit it is very accurate. Here's a pic of the start of the assembly :

Frames 1.JPG

The first frame completed and faired. I made both frames in an easy day :

Frames 2.JPG

A frame off the jig :

Frame off the Jig.JPG

The two frames and one lot of external panels primed and ready to assemble :

Frames and Body Panels.JPG

Cheers, Danny

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Beautiful work.  


One word of caution:  the thin gasket material works well for the braces.  But later on it is used to cover the luggage rack and to close in the storage space beneath the driver's seat.  On my coach the thin gasket material has dried out over time resulting in annoying curls.  By now it is too brittle to work back into place.  It is not impossible but I would look for a different material to use when coming to that part of the build.  


If I can I'll edit in a photo later.



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I built my Concord from scratch and started to construct the sides from framing as in the plans. It got too fiddly for me so I cut out sides from Basswood and carved them out. turned ot retty good but I still like the built up sides. One of these days I'll have to build another the right way. Nice work there Dan.

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Very nice Mike :) .


I've sheeted both sides and also made the two doors. Ready for paint :


All sheeted.JPG


Sheeted Outside.JPG


Sheeted Inside.JPG




The door in place, the gaps are much neater than they look here as I've only roughly supported it for the pic. The hinges are fitted after painting :


Door in Place.JPG



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Some of you may have been wondering how long it would take for me to crack and start Kit Bashing - right about NOW :D .


While visiting the Scale Model Horsedrawn Vehicle site I saw a build where the guy had made WORKING door locks. Not to be outdone I thought I'd give it a go ;) . The other guy is building in a larger scale (1:8), so I've simplified my method. The design is entirely my own, a bit of "trial and error" included :D .


Here's a pic of the working parts that I built initially. From the left - the main shaft, the cam pin, the cam, and the tongue :


Door Locks 1.JPG


My first test was a failure - the tongue needed a slot instead of the semi-circular cutout. I'd actually thought of the slot as I was falling asleep last night, but by this morning I'd forgotten about it :D

Here is the mk2 tongue, and the cam silver soldered to the shaft :


Door Locks 2.JPG


My "test bench" where I checked that the assembly had enough "throw" - perfect :) :


Door Locks 3.JPG


The assembly fitted into the door. I still need to make some "locators" to hold the tongue in line, as well as escutcheon plates to hold the shaft in position :


Door Locks 4.JPG


More will follow tomorrow. Stay tuned :D .


:cheers:  Danny

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Hi Eddie,


I see you're back on-line again too :D . I bought the kit from Model Expo in the USA about 5 years ago. Model Trailways is one of their brands. I actually managed to get it while they had one of their 1/2 price sales. Here's a LINK to their Wagon line. From the look of the price on their page it'll work out to about $AUD230.00 with shipping and the exchange rate.


:cheers:  Danny

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Good to see you back Dan. Nice work. I'm not sure working brakes are period accurate, because every movie I've seen they never do. They somehow always break with a young damsel aboard on a runaway stagecoach. Funny that. May be I watch too many westerns. Bullet holes in the sides could work. Maybe a few arrows. Have fun with her.


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