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Continental Gunboat Philadelphia by Elijah - Model Shipways - 1:24 Scale -

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Hello again! Decks are finished! They were very simple, as the vessel was so small, no waterways were included, meaning no joggled planks. Also, every plank continues the full length of the deck, as he decks we're fairly short. The planking process included cutting the planks from the laser cut board, cleaning them up with sanding, rounding the edges, running a #2 pencil along one side, and then gluing. Next up are the knees!

Images are coming!

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Elijah - not sure from a scale perspective whether this would work but you might try the heads of pins (the sewing type) for your nails. I f you can go to a sewing or material shop, they may actually have different sized pin heads.


Stay with it buddy. It's really fun to see how you have improved since Phantom.  BTW - where is Phantom?

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Progress moves on at a very slow pace. The aft storage chests were fairly simple to make and fit. The mast partner was fit per the Ships In Scale articles. Two nails were used to secure it on each side. It has not been permanently installed to make other tasks easier to accomplish. The 12 pounder sliding track was also a straightforward job. Lines were drawn on the deck to show proper positioning, then the parts were fitted and glued in place. Now for the more difficult and interesting part. The hawse holes! I searched the local hardware store for a brass tube of the correct size, but found only an aluminum one to be the correct size. I decided to go with that, as the hawse holes will be painted anyway. If you see a potential problem with this, please, say so. I first drilled the hole, then filed it to it's final shape. There is still one more to do. Now, here are the photos!



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Elijah - one suggestion for your hawse pipe. A lot of times the outer opening is flared a little so the anchor chain/rope rubs on the pipe and not so much the boat. Depending on the softness of the metal used for the pipe, sometimes you can do that with a rat tail file. Run it into the pipe until it gets fatter than the pipe opening then work it around a little. Almost anything cone shaped can be used to do this. Sometimes a punch will work. The flared opening will also cover any nastiness in the hole itself.


I'm still impressed with how much your skills are improving!

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