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HMC Sherbourne by BenD - Finished - Caldercraft - 1:64

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I've followed the instructions for this and It's not really shown how they should be tied off. I just guessed when tying the lanyard for the main stay. I think I'll have to look at some other builds to get my bearings.




Here she is in the natural light on top of my kitchen table that's in the middle of getting some new stain. I should take more outdoor photos because the difference is amazing!



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Hi Duncbe,


When i see the first planking i thougt , o dear.....i hope it turns out well.

When i take a look at the next pictures of the finished hull i have to say....great job!

And then the rigging...it looks if you have done it before.

The ratlines are that straight it almost looks unreal.

You can be proud of what you have done.




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Thanks Sjors!


Yeah that planking was and still is kind of a disaster but at least I learned a lot from it. The Satin Varnish helps distort the errors.


The rigging looks the way it does because I have ripped up most of it at least once. The ratlines must have been a month or so of fussing. The rigging line supplied with the kit isn't the greatest either.

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Hi Duncbe,


Planking looks good even or without the varnish😀👍

About the rope...

I know that the kit suppliers don't send there best rope.

I have change it and will change it with all my builds.

I ordered my rope at morope or you can order it by Chuck ( Syren Compagny)

It will be a big improvement (translations is saying that that a good word is 🙃)




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Rigging complete


Now she's almost done,  only need some rope coils and to attach the swivel guns.  Some touch ups are needed like gluing down some of the fuzziness on the rigging with 50/50 Pva and doing a final dusting before being put in a display case.




Rope coils


I've been making lots of rope coils and not liking them.  The one that I did manage to make and like is on the belaying rack right now. It's a bit small so I'll keep at it until a satisfactory result comes along.



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Finished !


The final moments on the desk.  That's it she's done!




Display Case


I decided to buy a case instead of making one, mainly because what I was planing to make was going to be around the same price.  This case is really nice, definitely worth the price of $250 CAD.  It is from a company called AcrylicJob, they do custom cases of almost any size with plexiglass of several thicknesses. This one is 23L x 10W x 20H. 




I decided to display her in the bedroom since there was nothing on top of the dresser and my Union Jack needed some support. I'm not a very good Canadian it seems. 



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A bit of Threadomancy but what a great build! Thanks for posting such in such great detail. This is my next build and your build log will be a great help.

Fantastic looking model and looks good in the case.

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