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Comparison between Lady Nelson and Sherbourne

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They are indeed very similar as cutters and I almost bought the Lady Nelson kit as a first model except that they were out of stock at the time and I took the Sherbourne instead. If you're talking of the Amati/Victory Models version of the Lady Nelson, there's plenty of pictures and builds to see on this forum and the web to compare with the Sherbourne -- as well as with the various kit suppliers, but essentially rigging, spars, deck layout, pump positions, companionway, number of guns, age.


The Lady Nelson design also is not of any particular real ship, whilst the Sherbourne is based to a large extent on the plans of the ship in 1763 at the National Maritime Museum in the UK. If you're talking of Chris Watton who designed the kit of the Lady Nelson, he designed kits of the Victory and several other ships, but I didn't know he designed the kit of the Sherbourne.


The original designer of the Sherbourne was Sir Thomas Slade, who also designed the Victory, so I am not sure about the point you are making about the designers.



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I'm not sure, but I think that while the Lady Nelson is a little more expensive than the Sherbourne, it had a wooden base included, which I think is worth considering.


There is also a nice Anatomy of the Ship book named "The Cutter Alert", which allows fantastic super detailing of either kit.  Ther are (were) several build logs of the SQherbourne, some going to the extend of making a clinker built hull which most cutters seem to have featured.


There is yet another kit by Euromodel of Como, which has a lovely shape, but I wonder about its authenticity.


Happy modelling!





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