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Painting brass fittings

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I am building my first model and painting with paints supplied for the kit which is by Caldercraft. I cannot seem to get the metal dull black paint to uniformly cover the brass. Does anyone have any tips please?

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See the Metal Blackening posts in this section.  I had a hard time getting paint to stick, I switched to oil base flat enamel with 2 coats. I will shortly be getting into chemical blackening of metals which is the other option for making brass black.



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Your fittings may be too smooth.  For paint to stick the surface must have a little tooth.  Try soaking them in some vinegar for a while.  After insing and cleaning try the paint again. 

David B

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When painting metal always prime first with gesso. The arylic paint loves to stick to gesso.





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Blackening only works on the brass itself, not on soldered joints. However, blackening first and then applying a light coat of black with an airbrush might be a good solution - the second best would be applying the paint with a brush. The blackening gives the brass a 'tooth' as well as being obviously being already black. In any case careful degreasing and not touching the parts with bare hands before either blackening or painting is essential.



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