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Masting a ship

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I usually do just that - lower masts starting from forward and then work aft and up, however don't make this an invariable rule. Study your rigging very carefully before you start as there may be peculiarities on your particular ship that necessitate a variation to the norm.



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Hello Jim Lad, Les here. Good stuff. When stepping the masts on the lower deck I see what my plans show. Should I just follow and take the 1 to 1 scale measurements as gospel? What would the correct procedure be for stepping these mast so you don't get them out of whack?

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When stepping the masts you don't want to permanently glue them in place. Have the blocks on the keel in place to hold the bottom of the mast(s), then cut the openings in the deck and fit the mast(s) to be sure they are at the right angle(s) and then remove the mast(s) for a later installation. There will be lots of other things to do (such as adding deck furniture, rails, deck planking, etc.) and you don't want the mast(s) to interfere with those. The same applies to the bowsprit.

To align the mast(s) you can use a number of methods described in this forum. Search.



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 One trick I used on my Connie was to drill a small hole in the end of the mast and glue in the snipped off end of a needle. I had to do this on the Connie because the blocks I had glued into the hull still allowed for a bit of slop. The small needle point was enough to keep the foot in place while the rigging was put in place.


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