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Rudder fitting cutter/small schooner

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Just a thought - with the smaller craft where the rudder extends up through the deck and is controlled by a tiller bar. Is there any type of seal to prevent/slow down water being forced up the hole that the rudder is mounted in. I realise that in many craft this is above the waterline but would expect that wave action would still cause water to flow through there at times.

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There was usually a Rudder Coat fitted to prevent ingress of water thro' the counter.

The Rudder Coat was a loose fitting bag like cover made of tarred canvas nailed to the rudder head and counter. Tricky little beggars to make at model scale but you will find examples around the model builds.

Where the Rudder head came thro' the deck another small tarred canvas cover would be secured around the head and to the deck to reduce any water ingress to the deck below.


The photo's below show the arrangement I used on my Pegasus build.




Rudder coat in course of fitting.



Canvas cover around rudder head, on Pegasus an additional cover was built over the rudder head to further protect it.




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