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Santa Maria by ray111 - Mamoli - 1:50

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Ray what are you doing, I presume you are getting some satisfaction, or why do it, but I find it hard to imagine what image you're seeing from the fruits of your labour.

I have to tell you that this is not wooden ship modelling as would be recognised on even the most generous of assessments.

If you have a genuine interest in the subject I think you need to start with the basics of planking a model, and there is a tutorial for beginners on MSW.

here's the link.


if you can grasp the principles of fairing a hull before planking, and tapering planks to better fit the hull, you will be on the road to making a half decent model, and hopefully gain far more satisfaction.

Members are very generous with help on the forums, but they need to see that an effort is being made to understand how to construct a wooden kit model.

I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but you're going nowhere in the hobby with your current approach, and I suspect many members are at a loss to comment on your log.

My advice would be to get a simple beginner kit to hone your skills on, using the tutorial above.


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Ray I'm sorry but have to agree with BE.

There is a big depression in the bow, and I think that is caused by the front bulkheads not being pushed down fully into the keel. At least, that is what I see in the very first photo.

The right corner of the bow false deck does not even touch the bulkhead where it is supposed to rest, as well as the corner of the second deck on the opposite side. I have no idea how you are planning to plank these decks.

My suggestion, as BE says, is to start with a simpler kit and work your way to more complicated ones, and study the tutorials about planking a hull.

Believe me... I know about trying a Master's kit as a first project. Total disaster.


Hope this helps you. No mean to be offensive. 




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hi all,

        i had some problems with the kit with some missfitting pieces from the kit and had to make some ad hoc judgements for the assembly of the plank of bulkhead assembly the plans didint show it very welll. the full log is on modelshipbuider.com and i describe the issues i had with the kit, the kit retails for 600 dollars so i expected a bit more from mamoli.



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Hello Ray. I am sorry to say this, but no putty and scalpel work will fix what I am seeing.

Your approach should be the opposite: Apply your best craftsmanship first, do the best job you can first and avoid that "hopefully some putty and scalpel work will fix that" approach, which in most cases won't work, and that it shouldn't be necessary if a proper job is done in the first place. Putty and scalpel should only be used to correct "minor" issues, or mistakes. No kit is perfect, and that is where the modeler's ingenuity comes into play.

It seems to me you are working too fast and careless. Take a look at my signature and learn from it. ;) 


All this in your best interest. :)



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I had some difficulties with the kit and the instructions were not very clear so i king of did some adhoc decision making where some of the hull pieces went on the spine of the hull.

I can rectify some of of the problems by sanding and putty with some scalpel work i have done this with the artesania latina kit of the santa maria and received comments for that one that it had a rustic look. it should look better in the aft section when i start work on it i purchased an extra special sharp scalpel for the task already.



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the old knife or scalpel was mostly plastic not metal so its not so sturdy as it looks thanks for the suggestion. have posted some photos of the artesania latina model i built from a kit  years ago its been commented that it has a rustic look will try to be as successful or so with the mamoli kit model.



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