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Back by overwhelming request.  I am re-stocking 2mm scale rope at Syren.  I will make it in all for colors.   Shown below is my 2mm light brown and tan colors.....the bottom photo shows light brown and dark brown.  That is my favorite combination for standing and running rigging.  This is very big rope and its super time-consuming to make.   It is 4 strand rope with each strand also being 4 strand rope.  The 2mm rope is all right hand laid and it is sold in 10 foot lengths per package.  Super crisp.....NO LUMPS.....NO FUZZ!!!  In stock now.


Thank you for requesting this size be resurrected.   




2mm ship model scale rope.jpg


2mm ship model scale rope 1.jpg

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 That looks fabulous. With such great rope available I don't know how we can continue to justify using the kit supplied stuff. 


(Finances not withstanding of course)



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Future Builds: Surly (because i'm definitely not so Cheerful), Echo cross-section.....


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