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Ragusian Carrack by Eddie - MarisStella - Scale 1:59 - POB

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Hey howya goin all, this is my first build log of a ship but not my first ship that I've built.  :bird-vi:


Carrack probably took her name from Arabic word karraka, which means light boat (Carack, carraque, kraeck, Carraca). this is a big sailing ship in use from 14th to the 17th century, designed for transporting goods. Carrack appeared in Venice in the early 14th century, but almostat the same time began to be built in the city of Dubrovnik (Ragusa) as the largest cargo ships in the Adriatic. In the 15th century Carrack has spread from Adriatic, the Mediterranean Sea and at the end of the 15th century, the Atlantic Ocean. Then they were built by the Spanish, Portuguese, French abd Dutch. In the 16th century Durovnik's Carrrack were among the world's largest ships and sailed to England. the large and spacious Carrack is called argosies, mane that derives from ragusies, the adjective of Ragusa. How popular were the Carrack od Dubrovnik is the best proof that the English have created for them the literary expression the Argosy ship.


Here's a look at whats in the kit.




This is what the ship will look like when it is finished.















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Hey howya goin all, I've started first by glueing up the keel parts and adding in the filler pieces and I've started cutting the filler block for the bow of the ships so the planking can follow a nice curve.   :bird-vi:






Iv'e cut away some of the material so there isn't much to sand to shape them when I glue them on.


I still haven't cut the rabbet yet been a bit lazy.

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1 hour ago, Heronguy said:

I like your keel holders!

Hey howya goin Doug mate, thanks, the 1,2,3 blocks are cheap one's off of ebay from China I just mainly use them for weights, send me a link when you start your build I'll be happy to follow along mate.    :bird-vi:

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Hi Eddie:

Marisstella is a great company with outstanding kits.  I also have bought the Carrack and The Cog which are just awesome kits.


Searching in this website I only found a few building logs, which are very helpful like yours, but I did not find any for the Cog.  Is there is any member in this site that has a building log for the Marisstella Cog?  I hope this message gets to be seen by someone that does have one.  This will be very helpful.

Thank you for your log, I will use it soon.



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Hi Bluebeard,


As far as I know there aren't any logs for Marisstella's cog, but if you look in the pre-1500 sections for kits and scratch builds, you'll find some cog builds which might be of help to you.


Are you working on this model at the moment, or planning to start it? If so, I'd recommend you start a build log of your own - a great way to get help and advice.


There are quite a few of us interested in things mediaeval, so you're in good company. And you'll get a fair bit of help and attention because we mediaeval freaks tend to feel like the poor relations compared with later periods,  and stick together :P

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