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Please look in and post an update for us on you and your life now and again Doris.


I have truly enjoyed following your fantastic builds over the years and even though we have never met or even talked, consider you a friend. I do hope you find a place in your life that returns some of the joy you are missing. My wife and I will be thinking of you and hoping for better times in your life.

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Hello Doris,


I have not been following all the work on MSW closely lately and I missed the post where you reported the loss of your husband.  Please accept my sincere condolences on your loss.  I came across the post while showing your work to someone as I often do to describe the work of an exceptionally talented artist/modeler.  You are in a class by yourself, for sure.  All the best,



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Dear friends,

I am very grateful and honored reading your kind words and feel your support. Thank you all very much, I do appreciate your feedback a lot.

Th Royal Katherine has been finished a few days ago, this build took me almost four years and approximate 7000hours of work and studying. 


I am sorry that my husband could not see the completion of the model, but he supported me a lot in my hobby and shared the successes and joy of building models with me.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have helped me and followed my work through this forum.
A few days ago there was a nice report about my work on card models on Czech television. It was also dedicated to my husband, with whom I wanted to say goodbye for the last time. You can watch the report here, but it is in Czech languauge:




And here you can see plenty of pics of my largest finished model - the Royal Katherine - I consider her the best ship of all I have ever created:




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These are magnificent examples of mixed media use in ship model building, Doris. Do they not have dust in your country? I wonder how you keep these masterpieces in pristine condition without being encased.


Whatever will you do next? I hope you will share it here. We talked once of your publishing a book based on your techniques. Did that ever come to fruition?

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This is an absolutely wonderful model!


The weathered look of the sails is a great touch, but is only to be expected from such a careful, thoughtful, and incredibly skilled builder. Every little detail of this whole model bears witness to your dedication to producing a truly outstanding contribution to the field of ship modelling. 


Your methods for building in your chosen material are revelatory, and are, I am sure, an example which has brought the versatility of card to the notice of many who had no idea that such results were possible; and the same with your method of producing the decorative works.


I join in with so many others who can only praise your works. Many, many congratulations!!


Simply beyond words, really!!


All the best,


Mark P

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I just got caught up on your wonderful build log. I want to add my sincere condolences to you on the loss of your husband. I can only imagine your grief. I would be like a small boat adrift in the vast sea if my wife were to pass away before me. I do believe that time helps to heal great wounds and I hope you will find inner peace in due time...


As for your magnificent model, it is simply a masterpiece of art and is certainly one of the most beautiful ship models I have ever seen. Your creativity and skill has few peers. You are indeed one of the finest ship modelers the world has ever seen. 



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I really smiled at your dog with the snowballs in your video, Doris. It must give you great company and love when you feel alone. I have sent the video link to my Czech family in Prague so that they too can admire your prodigious and amazing output from their varied artistic and technical viewpoints.



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