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Hey all,


I was about to plank this side in. The other side is completely done. I won't be ordering my bow thruster until the end of this month. If I complete the planking here, the only access to the cuddy (inner nose of the bow) will be through the top. The top would be open as I only have the decks pinned down. My intention is to prep and cut 20mm holes but order a 30mm thruster. Can all this be done if I close this planking off?


I've also attached a photo. Regardless of the planking stuff, which of the 3 compartments does the thruster typically get installed?


(i have a build thread labelled as Smit Rotterdam)


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If you are speaking about my post about closing up the hull and mounting your Bow Thrusters on the foremast and Bowsprit, I was being a Wise ***, thought better of it so it was deleted, hoped it hadn't been noticed. What you label as compartment #2 is where, from photos I have seen would be a typical location for the thrusters. Usually there is a watertight bulkhead near the bow called a collision bulkhead, were I building a ship, I would want the thrusters forward of that bulkhead but I don't know what the practice is, never rode a ship with bow thrusters, used spring lines, wind, current or tugs to swing the bow, rudder only swings the stern.

jud  :pirate41:

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