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Been away from all of my favorite shipyards (as well as mine) for the last couple of weeks. Just catching up on yours. Super nice work. Your gilded "gold' metal bits, are those

directly from the kit, or did you do some extra detail work with each piece. In amy case they look really excellent. Also they look perfectly placed as well. Super nice contrast with the black.





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Hi all!

@Popeye and Piet: thx!

@Michael: thx, and yes, all the brass parts are directly from the kit. But almost none of these brass parts does fit. They are all too big, so I had to make them smaller. But as you can read in the blogs of other builders of the Sots (Cristikc and others), we have all the same problem. Disappointing for such an expensive model....


And a small update:

I finished the gunports of the stern and the decorations on the left side of the bow. I had to redo the decorations on the bow twice, and just now I am satisfied how it looks.





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@Zappto, OC, Piet and Popeye: thx:):)


And a small update: I finished the guns on the lower decks. I also discovered that the wooden pieces needed to fix the guns, were not always in the right spot:(. So I had to glue an extra peace of wood there and the only way to do that was through the openings of the gunports as you can see on the picture. Same problem with the 4 canons on the frontside. In the manual they forgot to tell you that its necessary to glue a peace of wood behind the ports to fix the canons. So I use special tape to make those guns a bit thicker so they would stuck in the ports and...... it worked :D!







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Nice work!


For those that are interested (as I am), there is to be a new book dedicated to SotS published early next year. I shall certainly be buying it:



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