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Carbatec 10" Bandsaw any good?

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Hey howya goin all, I've been looking at the Carbatec 10" Bandsaw <--- Click Here, I have very little room for a bandsaw so I don't want to go any bigger if possible, does anyone have this or know if it's any good is there any problems with it no matter how small the problems is could you let me know thanks.    :bird-vi:

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Hi Eddie,


I have the Carbatec 10" Bandsaw. It's okay for what it is, but it is quite limited in terms of the blade options available. For example, you won't be able to any re-sawing (I think that's the correct term) with it.


If I were buying again, I'd save my shekels and go for the Laguna 14" SUV Bandsaw.


Regardless of which bandsaw you buy, you should check out this YouTube clip of how to set up a bandsaw properly:





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10 hours ago, gjdale said:

should check out this YouTube clip

Hey howya goin Grant mate, yeah great vid, I've had this vid book marked for years now.   :bird-vi:


Ok I'm not going for the 10" anymore, now I'm looking for an 14" one, the Laguna 14" SUV Bandsaw is just to expensive for me grant.   


Edited in:  I just want to resaw timber with it.

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I will repeat:  get as close to 2 HP as you can, for resawing.  It really works

the system -

For high efficiency and fewer thickness sander passes, a Wood Slicer blade

from Highland -  getting a unit that uses one of their ready made sizes will

save you about $10 a blade, and about 2-3 weeks waiting over custom length.

The 10" would be OK for scroll cutting - poor choice for resawing. 

A generic 9" will scroll just as well for less.  Just make

sure any unit you consider takes a Carter Stabilizer if you

want to cut tight curves. It costs near about want a 9" bandsaw

costs, but it is worth it.

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Hello Les here. This looks like a very good unit. Beats my Delta for sure. At $469.00 dollars good value. This unit looks well built and should last a lifetime. If your not resawing large slabs of wood this unit will work out well. But best to ring them up and talk person to person mate. Here what they have to say.

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great vid above.  My daughter was given a 1.5" tall reindeer by Mr. Snodgrass at a demo (watching him cut it out while lecturing terrified me).  


As for the bandsaw size, I wouldn't go with anything smaller than a 12".   I have both a 12" Craftsman (KIng Sealy) and a 14" Delta/Milwaukee with a riser block to resaw up to 12" depth, and I prefer to use the Delta almost everything. 


And if you missed it in another thread, here's a safe way to resaw wood:




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