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Coppering glue and primer

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First time coppering the hull. I wonder is it better to paint it first with primer? On the other hand concerning the glue.... I have a feeling that CA glue is not the best idea. It glues very fast and perhaps that makes the positioning (overlaping of CP) hard.


I will apriciate very much some advise.

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The fewer layers between the material of the hull and the coppering the better. Any additional layer can become detached and may be incompatible with the cement used for the coppering.


CA is problematic due to the fact that copper ions can 'poison' the polymerisation reaction, which then will not take place. CA is also a sort of 'redox' agent, i.e. it reacts with the fine film of copper-oxide that forms immediately once you cleaned the copper. As a result, CA can leave stains on the copper.


A contact cement would be the best choice.

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