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Returned after lay off because of heart problems.

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Hello people.


I've been ill for quite a few years long time in recovery. I decided to clean my workshop out and make a restart on some of my builds.

I've restarted my Triton build, But in the time I've not been in there I have a huge colony of snails in the workshop who decided that they like to eat paper,sadly for me I only have some 15% of all the plans for various ships left intact.

I've downloaded the Triton keel plan again and have been trying to print the pdf file to scale with no success,  I am using Adobe reader ver 1.7 I believe.


Scaling options using the built in viewer is not accurate ?. Showing the plan at full size give 1" is equalling 1 and a quarter inches.

Printing the plan out as a multiple page print gives the ruler printed as 1" = 1 and a half inches. Converting the file to a jpeg picture and just using the printer is a problem, My printer is a Pixima ix500 series A3 printer and I get the same results as trying to print from the PDF file.


On our old forum before it crashed there was a program available to download that allowed many of us to print the pdf to the correct scale of 1:48 ? 1" = 4' if I remember correctly.

Has any one still got this Scale program available if not does any one still have the Link please..


Regards to all Alan.

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I Still have copy of the files and be glad to download them or what I have on the disc.  Now to figure  out how?  I keep crashing. File too big. If you you would please send me an email to ********.com Ill send it that way. Guess I don't know what I' doing hear.



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Hello Alan and Tom,


It is great that you can help each other

But please don't share personal information like email addresses or phone numbers.

This is a public forum, non-members can read this as well.

It is better to send each other a private message.





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Hello every one.


Sorry for the length of time since my last post, but i have had a very bad year the high winds we had here in London at the end of May totally wrecked my old workshop. I had to demolish it and store all my equipment and tools and various workbenches along with timbers in my house.


I am still affected by my heart problems and the stroke i had a couple of years ago, Its left me weak and palsied on my right side. My long term friend assisted me in remaking a new workshop. New workshop was finished a month ago and i've been busy getting all the equipment back in there and  done a few tests on my capabilities.


A few photos of my progress.








Picture 22.jpg

Picture 25.jpg

Picture 28.jpg

Picture 34.jpg

Picture 36.jpg

Picture 39.jpg

Picture 41.jpg

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