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Full-scale Ringbolt Installation

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Wee modellers simply glue these into decks, bulwarks, cannon carriages, and such.


Just curious....How were these actually secured?  Were they threaded bolts with washers and nuts? Configured like a wood screw? Hammer-riveted on the back-side?


I've no intention of re-creating these in miniature. Just wondereing how the stresses were handled in reality.




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Try all of the above.


If the ring bolt (or any deck fitting for that matter) is going to take loads other than shear (parallel to the deck loads), it's probably thru bolted with large washers and backing blocks. If the load is high, they will probably secure it thru a deck beam or sheer clamp. If it's lightly loaded it can be held in place with wood screws.


Some production boat manufacturers will get by as cheap as they can-you can see this with small deck cleats screwed into the deck-with little concern for the load it will have to take.


Anyway, that's what I've seen. YMMV.


Hope the helps.






I had another thought. When I first started building ship models, I thought nothing of gluing anything and everything to the deck (bulwarks, etc). It wasn't till I tried using these parts (like a belaying pin rack) that they came loose under load. That's when I realized that we need to provide some positive attachment of our fitting to our models, similar to the real thing.

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In the classic 'wooden wall' days, the bolts were secured by a slip of metal called a forelock. There was a slot cut near the end of the bolt, parallel to its axis. The wedge-shaped metal slip was pushed through the slot and then bent over to prevent it dropping out. This meant that any bolt could be easily removed for replacement or repair when required.

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