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Santa Ana 1784 by Tjdarla2 - Artesania Latina

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     Started her in 2010, then RL got busy and she was packed away for 7 years. now is the time to get back to building her. I was lucky I packed everything away really good. had only a little damage, and I did that unpacking her.  

I don't have any of the pictures from when I planked the hull but will pick up my log from hear. this will be slow work for me I have not did any modeling in 7 years so don't want to rush back into things and make  any big mistakes. (more then what I have already)



Port side.JPG







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Well it looks like I am banished to the laundry room to work on the ship. The wife works 2nd shift and I work 1st. So she sleeps late. And I enjoy getting up early. In a way it's a good thing,don't have to keep the area spotless.:) 


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Thought I should share this in my log. 

One of the biggest mistakes I made in the beginning was I didn't use filler blocks on the bow. When I finished planking it was flattened out in a few places. So I sanded the hull and put putty, ordered vener to do a 2nd. planking.

So the restart of the Santa Ana is to finish the starboard side vener. 

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