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The Jolly Roger by popeye the sailor - Lindberg - 1:130 - PLASTIC

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last Tuesday.......I was suffering from work lag.   it was a nasty week.....way too many trailer brake jobs!  I didn't have the urge to do anything with the wood projects.  Wednesday came with not much change,  and I knew I had to do something.  ........something I could just throw together,  without much fuss.   since the Jolly rogers was a kit with many problems,  I figured.....what the heck,  if I have to hack it up,  who cares ;)   not like I was going to do a log on it,  or anything  :ph34r:    I would forego a lot of painting....no need to be fancy.   a few folks here has built it and experienced problems.....from decks not fitting properly......to masts not lining up in the deck wells........poor fitting parts......just a beginning.   I noticed that the cannons don't line up in the ports too good.  I did this when one particular build was in progress.




there were no hawse holes for the anchors either.   I had shown a gent where he could locate them,  given how far into the build he was........I know that they should be under the trail boards,  but I drilled mine out to show 'em.  I'm going to go this route......at least they'll be close.


I had packed her up and put her away.......and now I bring her out again.  we had gone to Hobby Lobby......and saw three different kits.  the admiral was puzzled.......I was looking at a large scale B24 Libby,  but she said no.........ha-rumph! :(   so I picked up some black beading thread,  a roll of small chain,  and I hope some stuff to do the bow and stern decorations on the Thermopylae.   after we left,  I remembered that I needed thinner to paint the boats {next week......I got Monday off}.   so here's my try with the Jolly Rogers :) 


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so to start things off,  I thought to put together parts that are sub assemblies.   I decided that I'd do a little painting on her,  so the assemblies are narrowed down to what would be the same color,  or as a unit.   the anchors were assembled....and the rudder.


the masts were assembled up to a point.   to assemble the cross trees,  the shrouds need to be set in place,  and it slips over them.   I found that one of the cross trees was broken and badly deformed........NO!  I didn't do it..I tell ya!   so I had to fix it and set it aside.....it'll be alright >icky mae< 


I also closed up the bridle ports....which gave me an idea.   this kit is 1:130 scale........the Thermopylae is 1:124 scale.   these two loose cannon could be important....and that's no laughing matter,  those cannons.   I was wanting to have cannons on the Thermopylae.......Cyril has them on his.   I set the two aside...I'll size them up when I get back to her.



I also thought to change up how the deck process is done.....I though I could line up the cannon locator holes better.   that was a fool's errand.  it can be seen well in this picture.


here a few parts are added.......notice the posts?!?!    there's one missing.   the part number is #10......and there should be.......and for all intent of purpose,  ten of them.   there are ten of them......except they are two different numbers,  and a locator hole is missing.   marking where it should be,  I added the missing one.    for the cannons.....guess I'll be cutting off the locator pins.

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one thing I hate is glue marks........'at's all I Kin stand...   so I started to paint the hull......and I started to think about the bottle of diluted flat black I had kick'in 'round. hmmmmmmm...5930d82b786f3_1.jpg.0826e2f01af6916fb443d3f43bf28ea2.jpg

I did a wood brown for the bottom........mask off the wales.........and do the upper part of the hull.   then go over it with the diluted flat black.   I'm a hack when it comes to weathering and such......I'll give it a try.   this is the perfect practice.....victim! ;)   {Yea,  I'll call'em the way I see'um}.   top and bottom are done.........says nothing about painting below the waterline,  so it saves me a step.


the decks are being painted a light deck tan,  with accents of the wood brown and the flat black treatment.


the masts,  the rudder,  and the transom was painted in wood brown.   let dry completely.


the stand was painted a darker brown......the only gloss that will be used.

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the channels had been added and painted.......some of the deck accents were painted with the wood brown at this time.5930dbb4283fe_1.jpg.527fa28434d732def91b910fb4bbc5bd.jpg

this was done on the 26th of May.   you can see that the ill fated post is there to help support the mid ship.  with a semi stiff diagonal brush,  the entire outer hull was gone over.....even the wales.  they will be the third color texture.......the brown of the plastic combined with the flat black.




well.......I just had a bit of confusion here.   I had taken a few other pictures,  in conjunction to something else I want to do with this model..and I couldn't find them.   I was getting the pictures from my memory stick.  when I took all the important stuff out of my old computer,  they went along with it and ended up on this computer.   I'll have to update the log files in the stick ;)    I was looking over the instructions...and what they supply for the rigging is really horrible......three different size rings.




I have some rigging blocks from past Revell 1:96 kits.  the gray ones come from the C.S.S. Alabama........the brown ones either come from the first United States build,  or one of the Cuttys  {I built two of them}.  


comparing them with the rings.....there really isn't much of a size difference.  then again......2 or 3 mm wood blocks may be too large.   the gray blocks are over twenty years old.....I built the Alabama around the mid 90's {that put me in my mid to late 30's}.  I've had them that long!


I got some A blocks,  some B blocks,  C blocks,  and D blocks.......for those who built a Revell kit,  you probably remember how they list out.   I'll see how they look ;) 

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the upper deck is cemented in place........had to fudge how it lined up with the gun deck.   this was to be my first folly with this model.   before doing that,  the ships wheel was cemented in place and white thread was wiped with olive drab paint and wound on the wheel's spool.  it was fastened under neath the deck.


the hatch was added,  later to be washed with the flat black.  now came the folly........"OK.....smart guy........now,  how do you suppose your going to install the bow deck?5930e96b9cf32_2.jpg.083affd1ea0edc6ce2dadd283e0c9f36.jpg

it wasn't easy........and a little messy........I had to figure the height of the deck,  so the bow bulkhead would line up.   the painted deck helped a little,  but I still had to clean up some excess glue.


after a little touch up,  the bow bulkhead was cemented in place.


some trimming was needed to line up the bow spirit hole.   this will now get the flat black treatment.   another plus........the masts line up with the well holes! :) 



the grates along the mid ship was painted wood brown.....and the aft hatch was washed in flat black.


it gave it a blackened quality.   I gotta trim the galley badge windows a little more ;) 


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this should catch the build up to the present.   the transom was my second folly,  but not as serious as the bow.   I had cemented the rudder in place before I painted the flat black wash.   now to swing the transom in place was very tight.   adding cement to the mix,  it was wrestled into place.   all is good.


a fife rail and posts were added to the bow deck.


the transom was washed with the flat black.



more parts added to the stern of the ship........lockers of sorts.


and more parts were added to the bow end.....cleats and the capstan.


this is it............today came and the day was spent setting up computers.   errand day tomorrow......but I'll try to get a little more done. ;) 


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50 minutes ago, popeye the sailor said:

thanks Gerhard.....it's not that fast really.........I've only been working on her for a week or so :)    I'm glad you like her.   thanks again!

Just one week? NOT fast?? Too fast for me, it would take me double the time or even more to get so far:o!




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Hey Denis, that's looking real spiffy. Nice idea with the flat back washes, never thought about that.  I bought a 1:130 Lindberg kit, "Captain Kidd," pirate ship for my grandson, many moons go. Your's and mine look identical. Now, my grandson has two left hands and all thumbs when it comes to model building so I inherited that kit.  Hmmmm, someday I'll just be nuts enough to tackle it - - - after all my other wants.

I may just convert that one to a Dutch VOC ship :P


I'll be jotting down a few notes here ^_^



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Hey Denis,


Just stumbled across your log here and my first though was, "I don't remember you finishing your Thermopylae..." then I took a minute to stop looking at the pictures and read and it all made sense. :rolleyes::P


It is kind of fun to take a break from serious builds to do a fun one every now and then. I am betting that while this will be entertaining to watch and though you are keeping it "simple" it will still turn out to be a nice model when all said and done. Think I will hang out and relax and watch your Jolly Roger. :D

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thanks Piet.......just keep in mind that there are a few problems with the kit.   this ship can be modified to create other known ships.   the Le Flore.......the Wappen Von Hamberg....these are just a couple that can be modeled with little trouble.  Revell and Monogram have a few kits that are aimed at the younger crowd,  and they are easier to assemble.   to venture into these lesser known companies,  can get a little dicey.   color choices can be gauged by the color of the plastic used.   welcome aboard and I will try and highlight all the idiosyncrasies with the kit,  so to eliminate the aggravation of running into them ;)   


yea.......you gotta read with me sometimes EJ.......I love playing in the text as well :)    no,  the Thermopylae is not done yet.....although I think it became clear why I brought this model out of the closet.   I wanted cannons for 'ole Thermie......these presented themselves to be adequate for the task,  but I haven't gotten back to that build to find out yet.  I wish I could jump into something and come out of it with a quick build ;)........but it usually works out that I come up with ideas,  and the quick build turns into a full blown project.   but I do enjoy the challenge.....even though I have active projects all around me.....I have four on the tables as we speak ;)   continuing the conversation...........


no Zoltan........no playing......this is how I roll.  I am very lucky to have the admiral I have.....she doesn't complain about the clutter of active projects.  although she does get confused when I mention I have to get something for one that is not on the table.  she has asked me about the trawler a few times though.....probably because for the most part,  it looks finished and should be off the table.  there are benefits for my madness.....especially when it comes to the transfer of ideas from one project to the next.

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Friday,  I did get a little further with the Jolly Rogers........the rails fore and aft of the deck opening were cemented in place.


the gun port lids,  along with a couple other parts,  got the flat black wash treatment.



the exterior of the ship's boats still need to be done.  I took the day off today.....nice that I have an extra day to play.  as with any kit,  any modifications made to it can turn out to be a hazardous move.   models are built with such close parameters,  that there might be a problem with the fit of other parts.   sometimes you gotta pick and choose which mod to do.   here is the first modification of the build.....an idea that I came up with.   there are two stair wells that lead to the lower deck...orlop,  I would think.   railings around these two openings will be added......but first,  holes must be drilled.


following the same lead as what I did on the Thermopylae {but a bit different procedure},  more wire was cut to serve as the stanchions.   eight short pieces were cut from them and cemented in place.


using the jig that I had used on the Thermopylae railings,  they were cut down to 4 mm.    using the thin wire,  it was wrapped around the stanchions,  leaving the front open.   the special tweezers were used again to position the wire,  but instead of being straightened out,  they were given a sagging appearance.


the first one was touched up with paint,  and the second one was done....in the same manner.


the ladders still need to be added.   at this time,  a couple more parts were added near the capstan.  along the sides of the deck opening,  railings were added there as well.  these were a bit of a pain.......they are really fragile and fitting was kinda messy {glue wise}.   I had forgotten what a pain it was to deal with 'angel hair'...the thin hair like stuff you get,  when dealing with thicker glue.

     I use the tubes quite a bit.........I have the Testor's cement in the bottle,  but I rarely use it.   touch ups to follow ;) 


should have more to show later on :)   

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thank you russ.   the kit does have it's problems.   I find it very handy that I know about them ;) 


thank you to you Bob as well :)  it's really not that confusing......as long as you don't look at my other tables :D  :D  I have a TV tray next to my desk,  so all the parts are separated from the rest of the herd.   I wasn't going to go nutz with this one,  considering the problems it has........but the worst of it is now over and the rest of the build should go together fairly well.   I also know that the mast will line up.....something else I made sure of.   so far,  I'm going to do two mods on it......I may find more I can do.   thanks for the good word :)


thanks to all who hit the like button :) 

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Yeah Denis, I remember reading about the difficulties of this kit. That was a few years ago and if I remember it was supposed to be based on the Wappen, which was build by a Dutch shipwright. It'll be quite some time before I can tackle it.  Too many ships I want to still build.

It should be an attractive model when finished.



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She's coming along nicely. I worked on Lindberg's Cap'n Kidd pirate ship and I almost threw it at the wall to end my misery on three different occasions. The bow of the ship was so badly warped, I just hacked it off in order to move on. So many of the parts had a terrible fit, especially the aft end. Ton's o putty! They'ed be great little kits if they could improve on the molds.

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when I went to hobby lobby the other week,  I saw all three kits there.   I was tempted to pick up the Capt. Kidd.   looking at them.....I thought I detected various differences with them.  perhaps the next time I go,  I'll pick it up to see.   I didn't see any wooden kits there.....too bad :(   I was drawn to a B 24 Libby though.......nice large scale kit.   but that's a plane though....he..he :D   there's a lot of factors for defects.......molds getting too old......storage issues of the kits before and after reaching the shelves.  poor plastic batch mix ranks in there as well.


making a little progress with her today.......I'm either reading or building........I'm getting dizzy! ;) 

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I make it a rule to try and cut off the parts,  rather than do any twisting and such.   the plastic is soft,  and won't tolerate it without damaging the part.   as mentioned,  I was in and out {mentally} on the site today.  I'd read.....then get carried away with painting.......snapping back to reality,  when the bubbles on my screen saver would show up  {bubbles.......crap...forgot to change that}.   most of the parts are painted now.....I also ended up retaking pictures I took of the gold decorations at the bow and stern......bad lighting and blur.   I'm using the small crane light that the admiral bought me a while ago.....Halogen and not too good.   but I'm at my desk......so I make do ;) 

     the ladders were added to the grates that locate on the gun deck and painted wood brown.


the belfry part is nearby.....still need to paint the bell.   the ship's boats were next...the exterior was painted.   this is how they will stack on the gun deck chocks.   I'm not too keen about the large boat since there are no other parts supplied for it.  I weighed out a couple thing I could do,  but it will upset the apple cart too much,  so I may just leave it as is.   the added railings I did does get in the way slightly......the boat sits a little off,  but not enough to bother with.   paint them up and they should look fine.


all the yards have the base color........now to add the accent colors and dress them up.


the grates were dry.........they got cemented in place


the belfry is in place too.......


the boats are painted and pretty much ready to go.....


I save all the instruction sheets........in the event someone is looking for them.   so far,  I've posted the Revell Cutty and the United states on one of the blog sites.  to date,  the Cutty is the #1 set to be asked for........I just direct them to the site ;)   these instructions are not faring too well.....I'm getting glue and paint all over them.   they will be useless before long.

the ladders were added to the spar deck opening.


I'm horrible with detail paint like this.....but I still need to touch the areas up.   these are the decorations at the bow and stern.......I made sure the pictures are better than the other ones I took.




I will likely add the monkey chain on the rudder.   it's late.......I'm hoping to get a bit more done.   thanks for looking in and I hope to have another update real soon :) 


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I thought about what Piet said........and what I said about this kit.   it's true that this kit can be modeled after another ship......but there is a limit.   the jolly rogers can be built to resemble the French vessel le Flore,  and likely others like her.  you've already seen the up to date box art for this kit....... here is the earlier production box art.


to build a replica of the Wappen Von Hamberg,  you'll need to get the capt Kidd kit.   this is another Lindberg kit

images.jpg.a1d00e781f198e93a04cb4e8aab87dab.jpg      download.jpg.cdc8ba961ee0882919088c7554730733.jpg       593788259baaa_download(1).jpg.624091028e05446b46974f45acf2ec8a.jpg

the third kit I saw at Hobby Lobby,  was another version of the Jolly Rogers.   it's based on the Henry Morgan.   I imagine other ships can be modeled with this one as well.


it's quite interesting what's out there.......I just mentioned to the admiral......and showed it to her.......I want to get the Capt. Kidd  He.......He.....He!


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I've made some more progress.   starting at the taffrail {which I added earlier},   the aft railings were added.   they have tabs that locate on the outside of the bulwarks,  so it works out rather well.



for the pair on the bow though.....I smell trouble....the tabs want to locate on the inside of the bulwark.  there is to be some trimming at the cat heads as well,  so I guess fitting is in order.  the figurehead was painted at this time.   instead of being instructed to paint it in one color,  I gave it three.



keeping with outfitting the bow,  the cat heads were added.


adding the third step to the masts was going to be a trial.........and it's living up to my expectations.   the cross trees are used to trap the shrouds at the second step cap,  and then cemented in place at the tops.  one of the cross trees was deformed and broken.......I tried to fix it,  but it broke again as I tried to slip it over the top end of the mast.   abandoning the idea of including the shrouds in this endeavor,  it was repaired in place and the shrouds were located on the outside of the cross tree.


the third step was added after the masts were dry,  and the shroud tabs were trimmed off.


along the hull/bulwarks where the deck opening is,  there are two more railings that continue the bulwark railings to the bow.  they were added at this time.


the flag staff was added......painted wood brown and accented with the flat black wash.  by this time I had to make more of it...very easy to make....just botch up some flat black paint ;)   "hey knucklehead........make me a batch of spotted paint!"   "botch a batch of paint!"  


I was beginning to get curious about a few things.....I had to see if they would work.   the bow rails were added to the beak....along with the figurehead.


I don't mean to be,   but I do tend to get a bit flighty with my ideas.........sometimes taking me to other projects.   perhaps I should leave bread crumbs?   to see where I went to next,  you would need to look in the scratch build forum.   the trawler's beckon call :)  

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I went full circle........now I'm back here :)    I was playing 'round today in my meager spare parts bin of plastic,   and I came across the thwarts for a small boat.....darned if I remember where it came from.   I'm going to use it in the larger ship's boat.  this means that I will have to make a pair of chocks for the smaller boat.   I'll have a couple pictures of what I did a bit later.  today,  I started off by adding the fore railings.   they wouldn't line up like the other railings,  and would have looked off,  but I cut off the tabs and positioned them like the others.  it looks much better for it.


the masts were touched up from having the third step added to them.   the woolings were painted and the flat black wash was done.


all of the masts and the bow spirit are done now.



they are dry fitted at the moment.   before I cement them in,  I need to get all the gun port lids done.  .......really don't want to have 'er on her side with the masts in place.....might be asking for trouble.   the boat is coming along.......has to make a special sanding stick.....1/16 wide.  I just too a piece of square stock and glued some sandpaper on it....trimmed the edges.  now I'm waiting for paint to dry.......>look at watch<........yup,  dry'in as we speak........>look at watch<...........wait a minute!  I'm not wearing a watch!

   anyway.......I'm using the supplied shrouds.......I was just reading the next step.   put the ship's wheel in place........If I was to do that now,   how would I cement the rope,  that I wrapped 'round the wheel spool?   that's already done......since I like to read ahead ;)  I'm looking for the numbers for the lower shrouds......and they are not here!   there is no text about them anywhere.   I think I can figure them out though......I'm a good guesser ;)    another mystery here is when these shrouds are in place........there is nothing under the channels.   the holes are there.......but there are no parts that cement to them.   I will have to figure this out too.

       well......I think it's been an hour now........the boats are in place on the model.   the thwart was painted earlier.....it was then sized to fit inside.   the only problem is,  it's a little too short and doesn't reach the transom.


what I made is this raised seat for the transom.  when dry,  it will be trimmed to fit.  


I like to keep certain parts of the parts panels that I don't want to save.   some of the wood from them,  will be used to make extra detail for the model.   I have many of these templates,  since it beats having to draw them out {my laziness kick'in in}.  I forget where I got 'em,  but these are chocks for some ship's boat.   I trace them and cut them out......that's why I needed to make a special sanding stick.......to clean up the keel slot.


after they were cut out....not very easy......glad I made two tracings,   they were cemented in place on the boat.   they will be sanded some more and then painted the color of the thwarts.


all cleaned up and painted.......the paint is dry........it got a flat black wash.   when that was dry,  the smaller boat was cemented in place,  and the oars were cemented on top of the smaller boat.  they were given the flat black wash to kill any glue marks  {god I love that stuff!}.


how the boats are supposed to be assembled is pictured below it.  I think it looks much better.  here is the assembly in place on the model.



...and that's it.   to think......I wasn't going to do anything with them.   it was darn good luck I found that part.......the reason why I don't throw anything away ;) 

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Ahah Denis!!!!  So this is what you've been up to.  I was reading your Thermopylae log this morning, in which you referred to the 'Jolly Roger' kit and I said 'what's he going on about?  Now, after visiting this Log, it all makes sense, now.


My God, you work fast!!!  You've done more work in three weeks than I would do in a year.  Mighty fine work, too.


I especially like the paint finishing with the flat black paint that you've done,   It gives the hull a really nice and authentic effect.


Keep up the great work






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thanks Patrick.......and all who hit the like button :)   I've come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a quick build.......I have been duped again ;)    this bit of a weathering exercise,  works well for this model.   I don't do much of it.   the riddle of the chain plate/ channel assembly has been solved.......but not in the way that I like.......they could have done better.       I'll tell ya about it when I resume.   I appreciate the kind word ;) 

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