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Steam engine 1920


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Hi all around the world, new danish guy here, but have build ships before, the Billing Swarte Zee and Norske Lion and some others.

To my new project I need to find pictures of the steamengine of this old steamer, I found 2 but not the right one.

In the movie they call it a Halifax 1921, but search havn't helped.

It's from an old 1967 movie called S/S Martha and it's danish cult movie among seamen and all others.

A few pictures of the engine from the movie, they don't show more than that.


You can watch some short clip on Youtube, and the DVD is available with english text, very funny.


Thanks guys and hope someone know of old steamengines.

M 1.jpg

M 2.jpg

M 3.jpg




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There are many possibilities as to what type of steam engine you are looking for... having a manufacturer's name helps enormously. Unless your movie has a clear close up of the engine builder's plate, you're probably out of luck...


Your first black and white photograph appears to be a fairly typical triple expansion engine (high pressure cylinder, exhausting to a medium pressure cylinder, exhausting to a low pressure cylinder). The other engine looks to be a four cylinder compound engine, with two high pressure cylinders exhausting into two low pressure cylinders, but not a quadruple expansion engine. 




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1 hour ago, Egon said:

Thanks Andy, I'm going for 1:50, 1,66 m. that way I can use parts at 1:48 there is.

Are you able to see the S/S Martha movie on youtube ?? over there ?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07Prftd2Fu8 and many more


Hi Egon

It is interesting, that the movie is danish, but the signs on the machine telegraph are in german! So this CAN give a clue what engine was used on the ship. There is some info in Wikipedia:https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martha_(1967)   maybe that can help you!

Found just a bit more: http://www.faktaomfartyg.se/aslaug_1927.htm


Regards Gerhard

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The film ,'Sand Pebbles', a film about the life of a seaman aboard a China Gun Boat on one of the rivers in China during the. ' Boxer?',  Rebellion. McQueen played the part of an Machinist Mate First Class,  with some good engine room footage, how accurate the set was, I don't know, it looked good enough for me to believe it was based on the real thing. One scene shows the danger of working on a steam engine without putting the jacking gear in place, resulting in the sudden movement when pressurized steam leaked past a valve and into the cylinders. I enjoyed the Picture because it was a good story but enjoyed the ship details as well as the river and shore activities. Those boats were 100 feet +/-, coal and later oil fired, they used piston engines, would need to see it again to identify the type of configuration that power plan used. The Triple Expansion Engines were used in Liberty Ships during WW 2, the Turbines went to warships, later the Victory Ships I thing used turbines. Looked it up, it was based on the troubles in China in winter 1926-27,Yangtze River. About 10 years before the USS Panay incident when the Japanese sunk her in the Yangtze River in 1937

jud  :pirate41:

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Thanks Gerhard, I know all about these sites, I vacuumed the internet for info, but no cigar so far.

The ship was born in Denmark and the engine made in Helsingør, also Denmark, but that's a loooong time ago, no man remember anything, and all that worked on the movie is dead and gone, except 2 persons that don't remember any, I'm on Square 0, if that the rigth word.

The ship have many names along the way and was remodeled some from Aslaug to Martha, see picture


Thanks Jud, Iw'e seen that movie a long time ago and the engine is not the same one at all.

aslaug copy.jpg

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Hi all, do any of you do etching jobs ??? inside EU perhaps.

I contacted Photo-etch-uk for a price, but no reply from him.

I found one here, but he's toooo expencive.


This is lamps around the ship and a door vent. I made them in Coreldraw 11.

I think they are called bulkhead lamp in english, similar to the danish word, lampe. :)


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