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Hello from Spain

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Let me see if I understand. You want to know of a jig in which to hold your keel while gluing the bulkheads, and how to glue the bulkheads to the keel?


I use this jig to hold the keel59369918eb822_RoyalLouis(1012).thumb.jpg.775c8a828843a0165cb949f284daffcb.jpg

and as for gluing the frames or bulkheads to the keel. it is just a matter of ensuring the they are pushed fully into their respective slots, and very important, that they are at a perfect 90º angle with respect to the keel.


Not sure if this is of help. If not, please send a Private Message to me in Spanish, and lets see if I can help. (Posts in the forum have to be in English ;) )





Edit: You are welcome to visit my Royal Louis build log. Follow link in my signature. You may find something useful there.


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I'm going to show you my ships :), and hope to continue with this hobby for a long time.

First, the Swift (Artesanía Latina) made in 1999

Next, The San Francisco (Artesanía Latina) Begun in 2000 and finished in 2016. The work and family have kept the project frozen for 14 years

Next, Boat Captain Nelson from the Agamemnon, (Disarmodel) Made at the end of 2016.

The last, this arabian sambuk from Corel, finished recently.

Now making the boat of the San Juan Nepomuceno (Artesanía Latina), and preparing the Roar Ege from Billing Boats.

Its all






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14 minutes ago, Angelwr said:

Impressive work! Unfortunately I can not undertake certain projects. In my country I am considered as a blind man (I am retired therefore).

I still have some visual acuity, but I can't do certain things. It is life!

Despite that limitation, your ships all look very good, neat and clean. I assume you mean that very small pieces and details are difficult. Have you tried a magnifying headset like the Carson one below? I like it because you can wear your normal glasses underneath them and just flip down the magnifying lenses when you need them. I've been using mine for several months now and really like how well they work, and the LED light on top works well too.



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